• it's time to work a little harder •
college study work it's time to work a little harder
my gifs Knock Out Transformers Prime tfp maccadam tfp ratchet I wanted to make a 'maybe they're born with it maybe it's maybelline' joke but I couldn't think of a decent substitute maybe it's medical school? I need to work harder on my jokes welp so for now I stick with alliteration as the easy way out
myart thilbo bagginshield myhobbit hobbit fanart it's been a very long time since I've had the chance to draw been very busy at work :(
motivation study learn relax work hard Clever
katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark Catching Fire everlark cf spoilers that's love in her eyes don't tell me it's not
my edits my gifs Donna Noble Tenth Doctor otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye the stolen earth dwedit dredits little rd moments I REALIZED I CAN DO MOMENTS WHERE ROSE ISNT EVEN THERE BECAUSE TECHNICALLY THOSE COUNT TOO RIGHT??? idk it's getting harder to think of things even though I know there are more lol brotp: oh no no no we're not married
1k * mystuff 2k Amy Adams 500 3k amyadamsedit aadamsedit you're 40 but you look like someome with 30 and i dgaf about the time zone because in my country it's already your birthday yay happy b-day sunshine ilysm
I´m starting to think that Misha ships Destiel a little harder than me
It's cute to know someone took the time to remember the little details about you.
art sherlock sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch SHERLOCK FANART a scandal in belgravia sherlock fan art bbc sherlock fanart I'm trying to hang on to drawing but it's getting harder and harder I have one day off next week excuse me while I throw myself off the nearest cliff merilyn has a sad
quote kristen stewart pic my stuff feminism im gonna tag this as kstewedit harpers bazaar 2015 i dont even care :)
edits all time low pierce the veil vic fuentes mike fuentes Alex Gaskarth ATL ptv wasteland iDK WHY I EDITED THESE OK BUT I AN LAUGHING HARDER AT THEM THAN I EVER HAVE HAHAH it's also late and I tend to laugh at things hysterically when it's late LOL
Boo jason grace thalia grace Heroes of Olympus HoO liz art I'm still not sure what's better if Percy buying it to her or Jason because it's a little OoC for Jason to do it but just imagine then her getting him a matching one and obvs going around showing everyone his hansome little brother as the proud big sister she is and Jason isn't embarrassed in the slightlest he's just really glad he has a sister and it's his best christmas ever also I shouldn't ask for help with WIPs because now the poses are weird composition is weird expressions are weird but I have to post it anyway because I said I would u.u'' also finding a christmas tree patter was harder than I thought and none of them had a good big tree on the front as I wanted and i wasn't sure on blue for sky kids or green for trees and christmas so it's a blueish green
itachi uchiha my own work i wanted to draw sth like this for ages it's a tribute to my little kitty and to me being the cat person i am uchihas and cats are one of the best possible combinations the cat seems not impressed by itachi tho aaah cats
large art charlie bowater
semi watercolors and ink!!! haven't used paint in a while pretty quick doodle got to see the international space station and saturn during stargazing today!! time to sleep so much work for next week but relaxing a bit is also important!! mostly thought of this because it's chilly again i need to invest in more scarves please make sure to take care of yourselves everyone!!
biology xkcd I appologize if someone else has posted a version of this already but I haven't seen it probably because I'm technically trying to work on final stuff and not be on tumblr
yo aussies! Happy New Year to you 8 more hours for us trying to feel some holiday spirit here but it's pretty hard when outside is warm and instead of snow just some dirty melted ice