• it's 3.14 guys •
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It's cute when guys express their feelings.
When they worry about a girl. When they miss a girl. When they show they care. It’s cute and it’s attractive. Girls don’t want to be the only ones that show how they feel. Actions will always speak louder than words. Sensitivity to others not only shows maturity, but it also appeals to us females be...
It's cute when guys tell you things.
Even when it’s as simple as a story of when they were younger or if they tell you about a dream they had, it’s just so cute. I like it when a guy can be honest. Forget the act of trying to be mysterious because it’s not attractive, it’s confusing. Just be straight up with me. Trust me and I’ll trust...
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Look we all want very badly for the new Star Trek series to be good, but if the first season isn’t super weird and kind of crappy, then is it even a real Star Trek series?
I hope the next album is called Tired as Fuck because they just stayed Up All Night
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My RP’s are only quality because of my RP partner, I’d be nothing without them.
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Guys. It's 2013. We can officially say Kim Heechul is coming back this year.
petition to ban fireworks and release dragons to roam the skies at night instead.
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