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Dear Sherlock producers, Start shooting now if convenient. If inconvenient, start shooting anyway. Fans
reddit tag this was the top comment in the thread...
© Achievement Hunter RoosterTeeth ryan haywood rtedit presented with comment i cna't color anything it's fine
For those of you keeping score at home:January: February:
every fandom has put its characters in hogwarts houses at some point it’s just a straight up fact
When you see a relationship status saying, "It's complicated" on facebook...
You’re like: (Credit to, http://exquisitegifs.tumblr.com/, for the Joe Santagato gif., Thank you!)
To the people that made a Tumblr because "it's the new Facebook":
mine currents hanging by a thread
photography art creative handmade leaf sewing veins vein art work Yeah man embroidery thread
Empire A Different World as seen on Facebook but one of them would have put her in her place for that weave comment
mine words don't judge it's my first time with a needle and thread i don't think we'll need eachother right now but i still miss u sometimes actually most of the time but that's okay!
:D God comments comment Halloween finger titanic facebook pregnant stupid status updates Hitler Adolf hitler retards
LOL Fail funny comment facebook original Noob status hacking
Weird Al made a shitty song better.
facebook walmart fuck i forgot to censor her name in the comment]
art crossover Crowley good omens Aziraphale pacific rim
mine embroidery aschoolgirlcrush (PLEASE don't remove credit. it's very rude
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