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1k 2k my graphics 500 hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen hannibaledit never stop with the sweater ok we all know it's your favourite hannibal i downloaded the 1080p logoless just for this damn you hanni btw he's kinda glowing b/c i was trying to lower the file size lolol
movies movie movie links for future reference movie masterpost
All I Could Think About Was You
Captain America skye hydra agents of shield grant ward Daisy Johnson show: agents of shield character: daisy johnson actor: chloe bennet character: grant ward actor: brett dalton xtp: i'm still happy I shot you it's all in my file
my gifs Teen Wolf derek hale tyler hoechlin this file is titled 'it's not paul rudd' which is true and actually one of my more accurate file titles to be honest
south park southpark stan marsh I actually have a lot of southpark doodles in my folder should I put up a gumroad zip file for anyone that want to see them ....? or....just BURY THEM ALL
I secretly hope that there were two scientists on the Curiosity project who were crushing on each other the entire time and when they announced the landing kissed each other in a fit of excitement
all time low so wrong it's right my stuff Dear Maria Count Me In
Just putting this out there cause I’ve had about twenty asks calling me a ‘total fucking weirdo’ a ‘deluded fangirl’ and a ‘brainless tumblerina’ for shipping Vision and Wanda: INTHECOMICSTHEYAREMARRIEDANDHAVEBABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
gif mine summer game of thrones bran stark got i don't know what happened Bran stupid photoshop I just got a new laptop *THIS IS MY FIRST LAPTOP I'M SO EXCITED* but when i moved the file to edit it all the colours were really different and when I went to save them they were different again? also I started watching stargate atlantis I used to watch it when I was ounger but I forgot (but I can remember all the characters it's weird)
mine kurt hummel chris colfer 1000 alex's gifs glee comparisons there's no way this can't not be offensive to someone so ehh but it's something i've been meaning to make since blaine won the election so uwu not tagging blaine or anything because i don't want it in those tags so yeah they're all supposed to move together but w/e file under things that i realllly didn't think would make it to 1k
me my gifs it's always sunny in philadelphia everyday Charlie Day me all the time all day always sunny
m all gif: all breaking bad gif: breaking bad brbaedit brba rewatch Let's post this damn thing It's been sitting in my drafts for months
movies the breakfast club 10 things i hate about you Iconic movie links movie masterpost forgot this in my drafts
film movies cinema masterpost cinematography IT'S DONE FINALLY pls enjoy i worked hard on this
my edits sorry Death Note light yagami L Lawliet i love these shitheads it's a massive file tho urgh round of applause for light's suit those darts are almost like princess seams it's a really nice anime suit for old lighto
Miracles in December 12월의 기적 (spanish version)
Kevin Karla & La Banda  Miracles in December 12월의 기적 (spanish version)
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins Jared Padalecki masterpost Lucifer John Winchester Mary Winchester angels demons Bobby hunters Leviathans winchester boys supernatural masterpost
black women readabookson BHM: Black Women's Experiences part 2