• it's like some cruel lesson that is being repeated over and over again: if you are a queer woman you will never be happy •
I DON'T KNOW type: gif type: mine animanga: naruto okay okay luv ya otp: naruto/sasuke why am i so bad at being an okay friend this is so late but i love you you may delete the text if you want to reblog the gifs otherwise it would be awkward except if you are keyi who deserves everything in the world how did i managa to become friends with her again? BUT I AM SO HAPPY WHEN KEYI IS HAPPY eonity
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game of thrones Sansa Stark i have a lot of feelings I'm surprised this scene required explanation but hey this is the got fandom so I guess it was to be expected Sansa is being physically and emotionally abused she has just spent an entire dinner listening to how her brother might die and pretending to be in love with Joffrey she's been holding back tears and she's finally in her room she looks at the mirror and can't even recognize herself and then this woman comes in and declares she's her new handmaiden and clearly she knows nothing about being a handmaiden why is this woman there did Cersei send her is she a spy will she tell Cersei she saw Sansa crying so automatically it means she has to hold back her tears again and she needs to go back to pretending of being that person that she sees in the mirror and can't recognize and she's angry and she's frustrated all she wants is her mother to be there and to give her a hug not to explain the duties of a handmaiden to a handmaiden and finally she snaps at her and in the end she says just brush my hair its equivalent to her calling out for her mother she just wants someone anyone to brush her hair so maybe she can close her eyes and imagine that she's back at Winterfell and instead of this stranger who might be a spy its her mother brushing her hair like what else is she supposed to do if she became bffs with Shae the fandom would say OMG Sansa look at you trusting everyone you're just letting Shae walk all over you
jesus christ by me trigger warning: hanging trigger warning: suicide archetype series nothing crueller than loving and being loved by a prophet the kingdom of god is within you because you ate it judas iscariot the love of the disciples was overwhelming and so was their jealousy would jesus not have chosen the one he loved best to destroy him; to raise him up on the cross that humanity might be saved? would he not have wanted love to be the driving force behind his pain? would that not have made the unbearable bearable? if judas was driven by a greed; by an evil; was gripped by satan as they say would it not have crept in through the faultlines in his soul left gaping wide open by exposure to the sheer force of adoration and transcendence that always breaks us all wide open and sends us running terrified from what we see there? was judas acting in fear or in greed or in love or in holiness or evil? the answer is always; has always been; all of it the son of god does not die by accident not by the hand of random malice or greed no; he dies by love; every time my judas feels are incomparable and overwhelming and highly unique a traitor is never just a traitor (well that's it in a nutshell) biblical subversion trigger warning: crucifixion
  • Jamie All Over:Eventually you'll have to wake up and accept what you've lost
  • Black Cat:You will meet people who you really like, but find out later they aren't good for you, and only bring misfortune.
  • When I get home you're so dead:Not everybody is going to love or trust you as much as you love or trust them.
  • Jersey:Don't trust so easily. It's okay to not be okay.
  • If you wanted a song written about you, all you had to do was ask:One way to help get over someone is to remove as many things as possible from your life that remind you of them.
  • Miserable at Best:You're better off without certain people in your life, and some day you'll see that.
  • Walk on water or drown:Music will listen when you feel like breaking down in anybody's arms.
  • Ocean and Atlantic:Everyone needs something to escape.
  • ...
YouTube my stuff charlie mcdonnell charlieissocoollike you know anyway igif charlie is so cool like charles joseph mcdonnell you know; cause only the five first tags count and stuff i'm really happy for charlie like seriously happy khjfsdkjlgha being the persn that he is; i'm sure it was not easy for him to do this IT'S JUST WEIRD THAT IT'S WEIRD! i loved the video i loved bryaly and i don't care if this was giffed a million times he loves her he's my baby and i needed to do this okay? thank you :3
c: emma watson happy birthday emma i love you with all my heart
This is the video I am most proud of.My cover of “Iris...
* gifs Firefly Serenity joss whedon endless sobbing is the panel online yet? because i don't think i'm ready to have my heart torn out completely yet the online highlights were bad enough some days are better than others and then some days it just hits me that firefly really won't come back all the storylines and character developments we were deprived of will never be brought to fruition but the fact that things like the panel today are happening for a show that didn't even complete a full season........... it just makes me so happy to be a part of this fandom even if i've only joined it the past year
"People think depression is about being sad. They think it’s just when you ‘feel down’. It’s not. It...
* game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire Arya Stark *GOT meerareed asoiaf spoilers asos spoilers *req all my requests have no 'life' in them I'm so sorry it's just so much easier to make something for myself than someone else suckiest excuse I know I've been all over the shop this week so I dunno but I do hope you like it even just a little bit or something why can't everyone request angsty Theon graphics? that happened once with great results c'mon guys get KRAKEN hush you I'm hilarious and if that isn't the great pun I've ever made then I'm done love you bye bye
recipes BuzzFeed oh man 2 Ingredient Recipes Such great ideas Yeah sure some are cheats Like the steak marinade You can't eat straight marinade But it does lend to a basic 3 ingredient recipe that includes steak I can vouch for banana-based ice cream too It's damn tasty Also good with that banana base is Nutella And I'm just KICKING myself over the Nutella Hot Chocolate WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!?
Mine5 Emma Watson jsyk The Perks Of Being A Wallflower the scene you can't watch will be the scene i watch over and over and over again
at first i thought “i saw mommy kissing santa claus” was a song about a mother cheating on the father with santa, but then i realized that the father is santa.
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You're sitting at your desk, and you know it's time to go. You've said that to yourself over a milli...