• it's my first fanbook so i'm not sure if something is missing but •
My art ;; Haikyuu!! kagehina kagehina fanbook i'll upload a part two also and thank you so so SO MUCH for all your orders until now i'm so happy!! since this is kinda a big experiment not the usual doujinshi and not the usual fanbook/artbook so i wasn't sure if there's a lot interest for it but man /// i'm so happy i love you all
My art Fanbook Haikyuu!! kagehina finallyyy kagehina fanbook you can take a closer look if you open the info images in a new tab i wanted to print out the stickers and the charm but my printer ink went out ofc... why @printer it's my first fanbook so i'm not sure if something is missing but if you have any questions please ask me anytime!! plus i decided to make a giveaway for you babies <3 (i will post the first pages soon too)
my stuff Mozart Milos Forman amadeus tom hulce wolfgang amadeus mozart i'm so sad from making this gifset i'm so sad from the freaking movie and i'm so sad because the coloring is so depressing and white it's very nice but so light and i don't know it looks like death but yeah i think this says it all also i'm not sure if that was intentional but can you see how it goes from lighter to darker
pokemon fire emblem it's been really fun but... hard lucina and lucario are my main pair so i'm finishing all of their illustration first HOHO fanbook previews
:) otp My art percy jackson annabeth chase percabeth sea of monsters otp: seaweed brain and wise girl kaiayame drawing characters that aren't lok makes me realized how spoiled i am like figuring out what these two maybe look like was so hard i'm not even sure this is right but it's my first time so that's ok if nothing else congrats to me on annabeth's hair i rly like how it turned out.
ron weasley harry potter gifs Hermione Granger philosopher's stone deathly hallows i'm not sure if hermione says i'm gonna miss you or we'll miss you so i'm sorry if i'm wrong also i know ron doesn't speak in that part but when does but the camera is not on him so i don't care and i used that
my friends and i were at a pizza place and i got some mozzarella sticks and i was like “oh i love mozzarella sticks i’d marry one if i could” and one of my friends was like “well technically i’m legally ordained” so long story short i married a mozzarella stick to...
sherlock bbc sherlock andrew scott moriarty imadethis SherlockEdit i'm not sure if it's been gif'd or not but i wanted it and havent seen it so
drawing Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Scott McCall I'm posting it on this blog because I don't want to have my art on two blogs one is confusing enough Scott has a little dogtag with S on it I'm not sure if it's obvious but Scott is carving 'Allison' into the tree
davejohn johndave hot damn pepsicola i actually drew something hot fucking damn im on fire tonight so i improvised you didnt give specifics look peeps but seriously look at those sexy legs egbert doesnt know what hes missing clearly i will be the center of attention not only because my dress is fucking A++++ but my glorious legs even lalonde lowers her head in defeat because my legs are the sexiest legs am i in character or not im actually not sure myself what I AM sure about weoever are those legs
3 Teen Wolf lydia martin isaac lahey lysaac xxbloodxxredxxrosexx this is a mess i'm so sorry nikki i'm sure this has already been done but i haven't seen any full blown ones so i apologize if it's eerily close to anyone elses????
mine jonathan toews Patrick Kane it doesn't even matter nhl revealed i'm pretty sure it's not actually 'throw that in' but i couldn't really figure it out the point of this gif set is 'peeksy' and obviously baby but he says that a lot so if anyone knows what jonny actually says let me know and i'll fix it at first i thought 'floor that win' which makes no sense
harry potter My art hp remus lupin marauders moony anyway so here it is hope you like it :) scars tw someone suggested Remus with visible scars and eyes I'm not sure this is what I imagined and I have a feeling there's something not right about him in this drawing but I really can't say what exactly he has brown eyes because I have green :} God it's 2 am uh
1k onew shinee minho how OnHo alishgif alishgif: shinee i think it's onew...can someone please tell me if i'm wrong lol like i'm 85% sure it's him? but that outfit isn't what he wore so i'm confused lol i don't think it's jjong who the fuck is it asklfjaew
manga monochrome my edits! Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi No sagano he's so hot as hell I'm not sure if it's his real name
gifs otp exo edited ;_; exo k sehun idek man suho d.o kyungmyeon kyungmyun seho sudo hohun sudi hundol my fav babies but they're so cute ;;; i'm not sure if that's really kai tho pls correct me if i'm wrong hunnie's little bear house it's suho
YouTube my stuff charlie mcdonnell charlieissocoollike you know anyway igif charlie is so cool like charles joseph mcdonnell you know; cause only the five first tags count and stuff i'm really happy for charlie like seriously happy khjfsdkjlgha being the persn that he is; i'm sure it was not easy for him to do this IT'S JUST WEIRD THAT IT'S WEIRD! i loved the video i loved bryaly and i don't care if this was giffed a million times he loves her he's my baby and i needed to do this okay? thank you :3