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First Rule of Role Playing.
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charles xavier: when i die i want erik to lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time
does love even exist anymore
when you see your parent come home from the grocery store
12/21: the end of the world 12/22: i survived to the end of the world 12/24: tomorrow is christmas 12/25: today is christmas 12/31: i’m gonna sleep in 2012 and wake up in 2013 01/01/2013: i remember 2012 like it was yesterday
warning: slowest roleplayer in the world here.
Twin Peaks it's true
paris hilton’s stars are blind > the beatles¬†
Giving my own characters a hard time Seeing someone else’s characters have a hard time
gif jenna marbles sexual wednesday It's funny cuz it's true
  • plot twist:you fully understand what goes on during doctor who
if you kiss my dick through my undies you win a trip to “you’re gonna walk funny tomorrow”
lee haru has met more hot guys at age 4 than i probably will in my entire life
my favorite fall out boy story is that when patrick finished tracking the vocals for sugar we’re going down he walked out of the recording booth and turned to andy and said “i just paid for your kid’s college fund”
  • Me:That'd make a great gif.
  • Me:That'd make a great gif.
  • Me:That'd make a great gif.
  • Me:That'd make a great gif.
  • Me:That'd make a great gif.
  • Me:I can't make gifs.
people who don’t include suho in vocal line
me everytime i see a zac efron pic
I love when pigeons get into shopping centres it’s like “lol what you gonna buy”
1k it's true