• it still makes me laugh •
my mate told me this joke the other week and i still laugh to myself about it okay are u ready for this so a german installs a bath around his table… BADUMTISCH
My art
girls love nesquik RWBY Velvet Scarlatina Crosshares maki draws coco adel sliiightly NSFW When I read the ship name 'Nesquik' for the first time I almost choked on spit IT STILL MAKES ME LAUGH
game of thrones edit1 Jaime Lannister Brienne of Tarth edit: game of thrones Jaime x Brienne it still makes me laugh gotedit gots2 gotjaimelannister gotbrienne gots2e8 lol this is from my mean girls set i made a long time ago i'm so happy gwendoline is going to comic con again btw!!
When your friends become attracted to your OCs
will harry trying to wave at a fan and waving at his own face and getting confused ever stop being funny
existential styles strikes again: “what even is the gangnam style… …what even is life?”
1k 5k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski twme this has 4 sure been giffed but it makes me laugh a ton that's disgusting oliver
1k 5k twme i'm not even going to tag this it just makes me laugh
every time i doodoo it makes me laugh
WHAT  IT ST HIS Your laugh makes me smile. xx
remember when usher got in michael jackson’s way, so michael kinda just..
homestuck drawings Dirk Strider HSart i cant draw anything but dorky dirk and this still makes me laugh
"IT'S MINE!!!!"
mark going nuts
my gifs doctor who ten Tenth Doctor dwedit dtedit beautiful moment rtdedit (last gif always makes me laugh so hard) (yup i'm still giffing stolen earth)
alright peggy carter agent carter MaryneArt Angie Martinelli cartinelli the denial is strong with this one bUT OH WELL RE-USING MY OLD JOKE ''SHUT UP THOMPSON NO ONE LIKES YOU'' BECAUSE IT STILL MAKES ME LAUGH
screenshot neopets I dont even know why im posting this I just randomly thought of it today and after 10 years I still fuckin laughed I felt the need to share it with the world
random bc it makes me laugh everytime biotailleardaigh i want merchadising w/it