• it was created sick and i dont know if theres even a way to fix it that doesnt involve tearing it down •
* StarKidPotter AVPM A Very Potter Musical: Act 1 this was supposed to be joined and tumblr wouldn't let me upload it even if it was below the size limit guh it looks so ugly now but I've spent way too much time on this so i might as well post it lol it was 126 frames
Extra Ordinary 20s Todae Cut: TOP’s obsession with ...
DEAN/CAS - I’ve loved you for a thousand years REMEMBE...
homestuck fanalbum track 9 the dead song everyone is dead
animals cute adorable cats help Change animal rights rights aspca petition Peta unjust humane
giveaway animal crossing wild world
i hate twilight
my gifs The Hunger Games THG katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark 1000 peeniss everlark this took forever and i dont even know what it is
The slow decay of color and light in the world as Sam falls apart in Mystery Spot makes me simultane...
One Direction liam payne
My art Fanart dean winchester castiel destiel season 7 supernatural fanart more fanart i guess oh god this is the first piece of artwork i've finished and posted online in like 2 years and i cannot even right now i hope i dont panic and take it down hfkjhfksdhjhsgj ignore how dean is floating on nothing i cant do backgrounds okay dean your head is a bitch to draw from any angle
If this doesn’t blow your mind it’s because it&#...
tech robotics
when Niall gets a girlfriend, if anyone sends hate or hates on their relationship as a whole, i will...
  • niall:This is a complete joke
  • niall:Ridic
  • management:excuse me
  • niall:
  • management:
  • niall:love all you mofo's..can hear u singing outside the hotel
sad puppy jojo abuse pitbull BARC neglect
creepy creepypasta
gif mine i cant boys kissing The LA Complex Andra Fuller kaldrick king Tariq and then i wanted to kill myself.. HIS FUCKING TORTURED FACE WHEN HES HITTING HIM I CANT DEAL Tariq Muhammad Benjamin Charles Watson OTP: just us oh god i dont even know if i can have otp anymore because this literally breaks my heart out and breaks it into millions of pieces
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