• it was created sick and i dont know if theres even a way to fix it that doesnt involve tearing it down •
i love you i dont know Alex Turner i couldnt help it im so sorry YOUR HANDS I FEEL LIKE i dreamed of you tonight i havent talked about it anywhere yet; i dont even know how to start but it was so real it was so real i can still hear your breath im crying right now lmao i love you so much it makes me physically sick i feel weak and these pictures i dont even know what to say anymore i love you GOD how i love you i cant stop looking at these pictures again i and i cant believe i talked about the dream i hate myself it was so... it was so real... god
”Tell me a story,” Thor says, voice heavy like he’s holding smoke in his mouth. He rolls over on the bedding, half-drunk still. Loki is sitting on the window sill, bathed in moonlight, sharp echoes of light cutting across his body. Thor’s breath catches. This is the first time. They are in their...
writing journal i dont know if writing it down makes me feel better or worse i dont know what the fuck is happenng inside my head I spelt breathe wrong I needa fix that oops
animals Personal fish walmart betta betta fish beta fish betta splendens fighting fish how to fix something that pisses you off: blog edition
pokemon vocaloid puella magi madoka magica magi tiger and bunny one piece gintama fate zero kuroko no basket
you know like how andreas gifs this took me a week to make i mean I did all of the doctors and and then the clock was a bitch to do and i had to fix one of clock because it didn't move in the right way which took me another hour to fix so thank you for liking this and reblogging my hard work just don't steal it that's all i ask of you
i went to order another tablet pen on amazon because im a shithead and lost my last one and when i when to check out i saw there was another item in my cart so im like wait what else is in here i didnt order anything else and i click on the cart it was ladybugs i almost ordered 4,500 live lady...
Harry Styles One Direction 1D Fanart im so dumb i dont even know what came over me im going to hide my head in a corner this was funnier before i started drawing it at least in my head in my defense the way that he EATS is weird too cute but really really weird
LOL funny wtf school story american education system honestly you gotta read this - ive been through 11 years of schooling and its one of the stranger experiences ive had also theres a lot of spongebob swears on here like barnacles and fish paste
Personal post she let him stay there for the rest of the lesson i wanted to sit up there too dont even ask that piece of wood with a YOLO hat and the scarf
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think oh oh no
animals cats dogs north carolina the truth shelter Adopt speak up spay and neuter don't breed adopt dont shop
"homosexuality is wrong bc god said so" *mom voice* well if god said to jump off a bridge would you
mygifs doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith i dont like whats going on with that black spot on his hair but i dont know how to fix it
alright, tumblr, i have a juicy new story for you. heres the...
* Harry Shum Jr harry shum jr. zefrank ze frank if you are in a shell wow this was just gorgeous i'm sorry this is such a long ass post but i really felt like the text needed to be included i'm just so in awe what a beautiful work what a beautiful video what a beautiful choreography and performanceeeeeeeee D A N C E (guess which gif gave error uploading image x1000000000000000000) (maybe i'll try to fix it later lol)
edit being human damien molony being human uk hal yorke (you don't even know how long i was wondering which one i should use for big bad because goddammit BIG BAD is like the main feature we are suppose to associate him with and then nothing confirming this label really happens in the show? nothing that would be as striking as intense as this label implies? i was watching 1912 yesterday and oh god why the ripper can live up to expectations his dark legends spreads? why couldn't we get scenes like stefan's first brutal kill with snapping the neck and tearing the head form it ? anyway i just adore how they draw the parallel between alcoholism and hal's blood addiction throughout the whole series his addiction is the one that resembles alcoholism the most the fact they used FLASK when he breaks and gives in IS SO SYMBOLIC AND MEANINGFUL and the way he drinks it AS THIRSTY AS CLUMSY AS DESPERATE as an addict devouring booze all the shivers feverish state all that delirium state the parallel is just so clear and monstrusly painful yet completely engrossing to watch