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do u ever see a candid photo of urself and realize u actually have zero fucking clue what you really look like
pokemon pokemon go team mystic
if you see him in the streetwalking by himself, talking to himselfhave pityhe is playing pokemon go and has spent three hours trying to catch something other than a fucking rattata
Shower homeless news homelessness homeless showers
homestuck submission sin why is everything always so wonderful?
let your child be goofy and silly and make messes. teach them to clean up the messes without yelling at them. let your child be a child. not a mini adult who has to be perfect 24/7
Here’s a doggo blowing bubbles. It’s downright l...
more baby animals here
ok a few things for americans trying to see this unfolding and inevitably seeing it through a US prismthe largest demographic voting to leave were working class people in deprived areas - this is another example of populism being an outlet for people hurt by the 2008 crash and globalisation; classic...
legend of zelda Breath of the Wild
My fiancé’s dad’s first language is Arabic, has a really thick accent and doesn’t really understand cursing so when he gets road rage he just puts a bunch of curse words together. My favorite so far “Up shut your ass, motherbitch.”
does anyone else ever forget that men aren’t expected to shave their armpits even though they’re so hairy, and then a guy lifts his arms up and you’re actually fucking shocked because you expect there to be skin but instead you’re greeted with 2 fur trappers, 5 families of elk and an ancient civiliz...
People act like its so hard to be loyal to one person and its really not
Lost In Translation...........?
its spelling bee season again
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