• its gross but his personality is cute •
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think oh oh no
:C bts Bangtan suga I THINK HE IS jungkook is that jimin tickling his chin can we talk abt how cute is that jimin doting on jungkook but jk's goal in life is to tease his hyung theyre so cute im giggling and i sound gross
louis tomlinson 1k One Direction twice tommlindo two days i'm worshiping his body and his face and his personality and you have nO right to judge me
lmao tao exo m gif: exo Lay 120420 he's like bitch pls
me cat kitten pink hair gross
1k * g-dragon jiyong Kwon Jiyong bigbang cupcake BUT LOOK AT HIS FACE he is just too cute sighs for a million years im not crazy about the colouring who am i kidding its freakin ugly
louis tomlinson One Direction Zayn Malik gifs emo This is us oops gif: one direction but he's so cute louis and zayn tiu promo the last gif is gross bc the fucking lighting was gross im sad about it and like the fact that he thought about that scene smh at tumblr. the amount of time it took me to upload this thank u nicooole :* isn't he the cutest????????
LOL My art too many larry fanart im srry Im never going to finish this hiiiiiiii im rlly lazy and i cant draw feet or hands this is so gross uGH ITS 3;30 AM SO pretend they r both 19 also harrys frggin tattoos but morning snuggles!!!!!!!!!!
graphics niam heyniamsedits i'll probably delete it becos i cant photoshop sigh and its 5am it will not get any note lol
klaine glee this is sooooo gross but babies
1k mine: gifs alison brie light of my life communityedit mine: abrie ok not really but its relevant her hair lately has been so perfect also i dont know if ill ever be able to make an alison gifset without using the speakeasy interview ps sorry that gif of her and joel is so gross looking i wanted to include that blooper but i cant make the scene not look gross?
i dont know what it exactly is from but its so cute...
1k niam set heyniamsedits this is horrible i know but it's on  my drafts for ages so i thought: why not??? still horrible
1k * ~ niam another episode of the webshow 'vitor tried but he sucks'
my gifs legend of korra Bolin SDCC 2012 lmao that woman's job is to make sure he doesn't say too much?! pj is adorable though and his personality actually reminds me of bolin's pj byrne okay i lied about leaving before but i'm actually leaving now
Personal v kpop myedit bts Perv there is Bangtan taehyung HE'S BEING SO CUTE BUT THEN IN HIS PANTS A MONSTER LOL ITS A PENIS
myungsoo infinite mish's gifs eyebrow game going strong gross coloring welp but he's so cute and handsome i have myung feels today ;uuu; idk what dongwoo is doing in the last gif lol
pokemon mystery dungeon i decided to just download a rom i love how the personality tests flatter you like this its so cute
rs i'm crying edits* my everything how silly i know its tomorrow but i couldn't wait