• its here •
Friday jojo's bizarre adventure jjba jotaro kujo stardust crusaders Jean Pierre Polnareff episode 27 joesph joestar its finally here battle in egypt
2013 its time
ITS SO WINDY 2DAY almost fell over on my way 2 the car
jiinsy art whoops I've not been here in five years
larry louis tomlinson* harry styles* kedit i was bored and this was cute so yeah here its horrible though omfg
1k edits jh jacksgap jackedit im sure its been done but i cant find it so here
i swear all garrus has to do is tilt his head a certain way and jesus i fucking melt into PUTTY he goes from  to  and i can’t even deal
ai 5sos 5 seconds of summer Ashton Irwin ok its officially his birthday here ashton irwin birthday
naruto gaara of the desert i cant believe i didnt post this here its my masterpiece
people making up posts for notes like
mine swim deep cavan mccarthy austin williams Wolf Alice ellie rowsell sd* its been a while since i made something of sd so here you go
Imagine giving Niall a strip tease and watching as his breathing gets heavier, his eyes locked on you and every inch of skin that you’re exposing to him with his lip tucked tightly under his teeth while palming at himself through his sweatpants and muttering, “fucking hell,” under ...
photography mine blue nf its prettier here but my phone camera is rlly shitty
weird things ive noticed upon leaving massachusetts:there are towns that don’t have a dunkinjay-walking is illegal and not a sportsometimes rain comes down straight
mine beach all day mako Bolin tlok lokedit its 3am here and tomorrow im gonna sleep now look how they grew up and still loved each other...
:) gifs mine 3k cw* im just gonna leave this here marveledit marvel* steviebucks userscarletts lindseymorqan captainwinter also  i cant colour today its pretty pathetic xkcdnf
pokemon stuff manga cap manga caps gengar rawrrr cause there arent enough ghosts here its something