• ive been workin on a comic for a friends zine for the last Three Days Straight theres so mu ch happening this week •
My art pacific rim blood tw Raleigh Becket mako mori stacker pentecost hermann gottlieb chuck hansen Sasha Kaidanovsky herc hansen tendo choi newton geiszler aleksis kaidonovsky wei tang triplets THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN FUCKIN WORKIN ON FOR THE LAST WEEK WHOOPS SORRY
Kai jongin Kyungsoo d.o kaisoo that edit is too perfect i've been thinking about it for days but i couldn't get anything out for it so here's a boring composition i reycle alot but now with rain also adorableprince wrote something awesome for this edit nell - standing in the rain this song was on loop kaisoo are salarymen who have to go back to their wives
comic when did this happen this is awful i say in the tags abotu every single comic i make HEY WHATS UP i havent been on in a Hundred Yesrs but thats also . . . .  pretty consistant dang just staying off for five days at a time what the heck im not even staying NOW ive gotta leave but ill be on tomorrow to make so many shit posts like a whole bunch of them alright im out !!
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One Direction My art too lazy to tag everybody HIIIII this is what ive been working on for the past week i listened to fireproof on repeat for a whole hour i swear this song has finally grown on me and planted little seeds of love inside my heart ot5art
comic body horror im the swimp oooooooh im gonna be workin on a few mini sorta serious comics next that im pretty excited about literally all of this is filler for the rat king medusa panel
edward elric Fullmetal Alchemist alphonse elric Maes Hughes major armstrong colonel mustang lieutenant hawkeye sheds tears ive been marathoning brotherhood for the last 3 days r.i.p this is like the fourth or fifth time ive gone through the series lmaoo i totally dont have issues at all choosing who to draw is so hard bc everyone is a bae and i want to draw them all but ill probably reach my limit after like 2 or 3 pieces ; v ;;;;;
gerard way my chemical romance frerard mcr life on the murder scene Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge sorry its been a while since ive posted anything
art Digital Painting did most of these as warmups and during breaks while workin on that picture of seunghyun pretty happy w how they turned out
words lyrics real friends hebron real friends band realfriendsband three songs about the last year of my life
do . do y ou mean. this toadand, this possumbecause this whole thing got wildly out of hand and if thats not what you meant i dont kno w what to tell you becausePLACE YOUR BETS
my gifs mine sherlock martin freeman john watson bbc sherlock the sign of three sign of three flappy bird i think i can get away with not tagging this as a spoiler so this has basically been me for the past week
the hobbit fili kili thorin oakenshield hobbitedit rms rms: 1000 rms: hobbit ive been hospitalized for a week sorry if this looks bland and boring just
comic goodnight serious im so tired the pokemon hall of fame wow ive literally spent almost 24 straight hours drawing this bye is the second panel trash or what ???? all the other ones are kind of ok except for that one fucking panel and the first one looks almost exaclt ylike the opening for the good days bad dyas comic??? ive wanted to draw out this concept for a while but i knew it would take a long time and it DID i started at nine in the morning yesterday and it is. almost six in th emorning now green muppet lizard is a character from another older comic about not sleeping and is kind of a little weird representation of me in this monster creature world also i own that yelow sweater and its great thanks ok shit if you sent me an ask recently and youre somehow still reading this ill answer it after im awake again
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