• ive had very little sleep so of course i think im extremely clever •
jake english jane crocker Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider dirkjake so much to do a little of it there always has to be little dirkjake also ot4 BEST OT4 i know ive been very idle lately im sorry so much partiees ;v; ill try to be more active
queue Final Fantasy King nine Queen ace jack cinque seven trey final fantasy type 0 Eight kurugraphic Deuce sice bye friends i am gone cater reishiki hahaha no i hate this game so much the fires of suzaku ;A; see what i did there heh i think im clever when im really not TAT but here have a final fantasy graphic
my gif yonghwa so yeah cnblue waaat Mine 1k park seju mhiyd mine 2k DO I NEED TO ANSWER THAT???? FUCKER OF COURSE I WANNA SLEEP WITH YOU i was gonna caption it ''do you wanna fuck me'' but he literally said sleep with lmao I HAVE AUDIO TOO WAIT FOR IT damn everyone wants a piece of seju
submission figure fanmade Sheldino Sheldon the tiny dinosaur that thinks he's a turtle sherlock-clever-boy
hiccup cats in clothes or he doesn't mind at least
i dunno why i put that text on there it just made me laugh probs cause i got very little sleep dat hand movement though im not sure if bolin is one of the single ladies or his attracting them works both ways imo
My art neon genesis evangelion kawoshin it's from The Little Prince but i think most of you guys got that haha i keep uploading sad stuff ((sorry)) but ive actually been pretty happy lately
MY EDIT shinee jonghyun kim jonghyun jjong im really tired I NEED JESUS RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT IM AM SO TIRED AND THIS ISN'T EVEN THAT GOOD and jjong is a star and a flower and blue and kindness and honesty and butterfly and little birds i think jjong and analogies match i had to go out and missed jjong's birthday basically :-( and then had to do this only when i came back but that's mostly because yesterday i was dying of frustration ok end of diary entry lmao HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CUTE PRINCE
another texty tag thing hot fuck asshole life worst best kill stab mmmmmm so very much
sad crying ouat Emma Swan im sorry *ouat
One Direction liam payne
this masterpost is entitled ‘little mix its time to sack your stylist and hire me instead’ alternatively:┬ádid somebody call the fashion police? if you think little mix is the height of chic fashion its time to stop, back up and rewind because the little mix method of dressing is pick t...
gif One Direction ** i think this is the worst colouring ive ever done im so sorry the whole video was so yellow and my worst colour is yellow bleughhgfnd i am embarressed
abortion adoption teen mom pro choice personal sin0men
my gifs knk Beyond the Boundary Kyoukai no Kanata beyond the horizon akihito kanbara knk spoilers knk! i am so fucking mad omg i said dont go all youmu you little shit my heart is breaking poor akkey im in physical pain because of this episode sorry ive edited this like 10 times because it was really ugly
homestuck eridan ampora eridan Homestuck spoilers tw: blood tw: death dead eridan ambiguouslyampora hope you guys like this i spent all motherfucking night on this. like literally i had to do SO much work for this i made the blood myself im so proud of this i couldnt stop laughin the whole time dead eridan jokes