• ive had very little sleep so of course i think im extremely clever •
Illustration My art Marvel Daredevil Matt Murdock artists on tumblr ive had very little sleep so of course i think im extremely clever
doodles uhg rannef its light i think im clever or something. i didn't sleep all night so i did this instead.
rabbit serious bunnies im SO GLAD I CAN POST ALL THES E  theres actually another one thts been done for a while but ive had some problems communicating with the commissioner ohhh my GOD im goign to be doing these goddamn hoards until i die but its dragons though its still so surreal that these things got popular high fives everyone moving sticks uhhh i think thats all the tags i need alright im out
jake english jane crocker Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider dirkjake so much to do a little of it there always has to be little dirkjake also ot4 BEST OT4 i know ive been very idle lately im sorry so much partiees ;v; ill try to be more active
game of thrones Tyrion Lannister got* gotedit alayneestone I hope it's okay :) iheartgot tagging you because tyrion always makes me think about you of course!!!
queue Final Fantasy King nine Queen ace jack cinque seven trey final fantasy type 0 Eight kurugraphic Deuce sice bye friends i am gone cater reishiki hahaha no i hate this game so much the fires of suzaku ;A; see what i did there heh i think im clever when im really not TAT but here have a final fantasy graphic
Personal fruit too clusters also th epineapple was the LAST and it took FOUR TIMES as long as any of the other ones goddamn anyway this was a lotta fun   ! very good practice for lighting and i learned a lot about what im Terrible At (textures) also the rambutan looks terrible h ha haha MAN sorry i havent been too active on here lately ! im in lockdown for the rest of the m'onth roo trying to get a deadline for a card game done ive been rewatching steven universe lately so some stuff from That is coming up specifically the bit where steven almost turns into a mass of cat heads ok thats IT GOODBYE thanks for stickin around even though its been really boring over here man ask about anythign else i gotta sleep
gif Tyler Oakley troye sivan troyler okay for clarification all these gifs are mine except for the kiss one im genuinely so sorry if thats yours i had it saved on my computer so idk whose it was but please let me know ifits yours okay um im super tired so i think im going to sleep goodnight everybody
my gif yonghwa so yeah cnblue waaat Mine 1k park seju mhiyd mine 2k DO I NEED TO ANSWER THAT???? FUCKER OF COURSE I WANNA SLEEP WITH YOU i was gonna caption it ''do you wanna fuck me'' but he literally said sleep with lmao I HAVE AUDIO TOO WAIT FOR IT damn everyone wants a piece of seju
submission figure fanmade Sheldino Sheldon the tiny dinosaur that thinks he's a turtle sherlock-clever-boy
masterpost master post writing tips writing advice writing masterpost now that's what I call writing advice
hiccup cats in clothes or he doesn't mind at least
i dunno why i put that text on there it just made me laugh probs cause i got very little sleep dat hand movement though im not sure if bolin is one of the single ladies or his attracting them works both ways imo
My art neon genesis evangelion kawoshin it's from The Little Prince but i think most of you guys got that haha i keep uploading sad stuff ((sorry)) but ive actually been pretty happy lately
My art laughs Fay bc i am wat is happening a loser IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SET but i can’t bring myself to finish the others so i’ll just post this one i was just getting v frustrated w the other s so i think im just gonna trash them and draw something else instead of glaring at them for the past week LOL it is just fay btw not some new oc wat is a new oc i need to paint more i can feel myself becoming slower and slower w painting RRR i look at this pic and im like y is he eating a lollipop im gonna sleep ive been sleeping terribly lately bc of the weather wait i shall answer some asks before i sleep
mine supernatural spn Demon!Dean spn spoilers supernatural spoilers s9 spoilers 9x23 DemonDean SPN 9x23 Do You Believe In Miracles please message me if you notice something very important about this gif because i need consultation regarding it this took me a full 24 hours bc sleep and work im so happy it's finished bc this is all i could think about this is for all of u ilusm
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