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Jensen distracting Jared during interviews ???? “Jared why are you looking at the camera. I’m prettier than camera.” “Jared, I’m bored. Let me invade your personal space. Play with me Jared.” “Jaaared.”
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J2 Phoenix Con Main Panel
J2 compliment Rob’s blue steel Dean shirt saying it’s “sexy and makes a statement”Jensen gives Jared the shaker and tells him to “shake it off”Jared tells a fan they have good taste when they shout out “I love you, Jared!”Jensen discusses the pic of hi...
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J2 SeaCon Gold Panel Summary
Jensen comments that he and Jared have never been pregnant lol.When asked how they cope with playing such heavy dark characters, Jared says he watches gag reels on YouTube, and they try to have as much fun as possible.When the fans try to get Jensen to sing he responds with “dance monkey dance!” lol...
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Pra onde vão os nossos silêncios quando deixamos de dizer o que sentimos?
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guys I’m laughing you guys omg
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i love how they always look like fishes out of the water in this kind of things
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