mygifs Graphic gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines tourist trapped grunkle stan gravity falls spoilers irrational treasure summerween great uncle stan stan pines Escape from reality gideon rises stanley pines sock opera pines family dipper and mabel vs the future weirdmageddon damvtf weirdmageddon part 2 weirdmageddon 2 weirdmageddon 2: escape from reality jUST THROW ME IN A DITCH im having a lot of feelings rn so here suffer with me :))))
throw that ass in a circle tumblr just overlook this video&...
If Haven's Initiation was like Beacon's
don’t even fuckign lie to urselves look me in the fucking eye and tell me...
my edits Darren Criss blaine anderson NOW IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME darren and glee I'M SO SAD OKAY? also the answer is yes I ABSOLUTELY had to add the klaine kiss i'm gonna go cry in a ditch somewhere
ouran high school host club is metal as shit dont judge
My art I Just Wanna ufhhghh im sorry im really not happy with a lot of my art rn sit in s ditch IM SUPPOSED TO DO PRINTS FOR THE CON BUT IM not rly in a fanart mood why cant i sell original prints HAhA ok stops whining i have to GO OUT WITH ANGELA AND ALICE WHOoo
mine supernatural castiel what have i done alfie mine: supernatural samandriel 8x10 torn and frayed IM LAUGHING TO HIDE THE PAIN AHA AH AHA AHA H ha h AHA SHOVE ME IN A DITCH
Guren Ichinose gureshin shinya hiiragi just throw me everywhere owaranai seraph SHINYA IS TOO CUTE AND GUREN IS A BIG DORK
my gif Chicago Blackhawks Andrew Shaw Patrick Sharp that is all niklas hjalmarsson brandon saad antti raanta saader in shorts and sharpy i guess saader in shorts and a bouncing mullet also i don't know if it's because i was sick in the first place but the music for this vid made me feel very very nauseated not like 'it's so terrible it made me want to throw up!' but it actually made me want to throw up maybe just me? but fair warning
The Butchering of Quinn Fabray, a brief overview
[[MORE]]Birth-14(ish) Honor roll student Overweight Bullied Lonely Self-loathing to the point of begging for plastic surgery from her parentsĀ and getting it (A+ parenting there guys) Possibly emotionally abused by her father? (Sidebar: if they had made Choke include Quinn + dealing with her family i...
art it's always sunny in philadelphia It's always sunny iasip click for better quality
me it's a magazine not a clip
mine amazingphil danisnotonfire vidcon phil lester dan howell phan dan and phil brb crying my eyes out this could also be taken as just a friendship thing mind you dont throw stones at me
Chris Evans just I'm done Let's Talk About ashley makes gifs pretty people i hate ashley makes edits how the video quality is so laughable in comparison to the actual photo quality like i'm so done with low quality videos throw me off a cliff
mine supernatural dean winchester sam winchester spn spoilers spnedit devil may care in which sam winchester makes me want to throw myself off a cliff
mangacap come at me Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken tgedit sasaki haise idek anymore what im supposed to expect from here that arima and ken interaction that might happen after this seems juicy af so many things have occurred in this arc im just here for whatever hurt ishida wants to throw at us
having feelings that you know are dumb being upset at yourself for having feelings that you know are dumb