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does that make him mr crocker
Jane Crocker is overweight. Jane Crocker is fat, in canon.She’s fat, and guess what?She knows it. She’s confident about it. And know what else?She is absolutely beautiful.Don’t believe me when I say she’s still pretty? I doubt Dave Strider would have mentioned how attractive she is if she wasn’t.So ...
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Jane is a sassy black woman GM: Mm. GG: Mmm. GG: Mmhmm. GG: Mmhmm. GG: Mm.  GG: Mm.  GG: Mmmm! GG: Mmhmm. 
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i feel really sorry for jane she just went from being this to this wHEN WILL JANE GET A BREAK FROM ALL THIS????
But no really how much crap has happened to Jane in the last 24 hours? She went from this To fucking this and now this I mean really holy shit
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Can we talk about how Jane has a fork with Skaia on it?  And how that probably means she got a King’s scepter and the first thing that came to mind was combining it with a fucking fork?
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Jane: Walk around
(this is the first part btw, sry I had to re-upload it cuz it was being dumb ´n´)
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