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Japanese lesson: Holiday edition ?
? (yuki) - snow?? (yukibana) - snowflake???? (zokuzoku) - shiver??? (koorisuberi) - ice skating ?? (samui) - cold?? (hyoushou) - ice crystals ???? (yukidaruma) - snowman??? (fuyu yasumi) - winter holiday ????? (purezento) - gift?? (shinku) - deep crimson ?? (fuyufuku) - winter clothes?? (kazari) - ...
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50 Japanese Particles
? (wa): Indicates the topic of a sentence ? (ka): Placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question ? (ga): Indicates the subject of a sentence ? (ni): Indicates a location ? (no): Indicates possession ? (wa): Indicates a contrast between 2 items ? (ni): Indicates time or frequency ? (e): Indic...
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If you're only learning Japanese because of your interest in anime....
Then good for you! I’m happy that something so simple as foreign animation could get you interested in learning a whole other language. Don’t let people make you feel bad just because things Naruto or Sailor Moon got you interested in Japanese. I only ask that you take note that the way...
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