* Benedict Cumberbatch 2nd photo so HQ it makes me weep
I love making people smile. It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something right.
* the vampire diaries elena gilbert caroline forbes Carolena Gosh very sad it makes me sad
Season 1 of Glee Season 2 of Glee Season 3 of Glee Season 4 of Glee
A Countess From Hong Kong it also makes me come i'm not liveblogging
mine kurt cobain nirvana aneurysm Love you so much it makes me sick
gif pierce the veil tony perry angel ur so cute it makes me angry
pokemon p livebloggin rue plays things
Why Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" Video Makes Me Uncomfortable... and Kind of Makes Me Angry
So this video started going around my facebook today, with about a dozen of my female friends sharing the link with comments like, and “Everyone needs to see this”, and “All girls should watch this,” and “This made me cry.” And I’m not trying to shame those ...
Good question, Dove. I'm so glad that you asked...
America thinks the way to prepare tea is to take a cup, fill it with water, dump a bag in, and microwave the cup for 5 minutes. When England witnessed this, he had a heart attack.
' 1000plus chris pine cpineedit lip biting and glasses you kidding me stop it! it's enough!
i dont like finishing books
random bc it makes me laugh everytime biotailleardaigh i want merchadising w/it
Stevie Nicks surrounds herself with girls. Wherever she goes, she brings girls. “I can’t imagine you in a bathing suit,” someone says in a...
Kingdom Hearts isn’t rated E for everyone It’s rated E for evil
art HAHAHA love and hate makes me wonder
moi legend of korra tahno tahorra tahnorra i just really wanted to make a dumb one also when you get to the point where you're actually drawing parts from scratch it's probably time to stop