• jimin is actually pretty hard to draw •
art bts ;;;;; cries forever kpop fanart jimin park jimin Bangtan Boys >.> bangtan sonyeondan bangtan fanart bts fanart I hope I did it some justice omg his lips were so frustrating JESUS whyyyyy I'm still not totally happy with it but heeeey I really like the hair???? i dont know how I did it but I'm happy with it he looked so fine in this pic I couldn't help myself also my backgrounds are... shit I know did I do better this time?? jimin is actually pretty hard to draw
v bts jin jimin g:qint Bangtan e:orul82 the sad life of park jimin i swear it's like v's goal in life is to make fun of jimin actually all of them do lol poor kid
bee movie Cam is liveblogging Paragon of Queuety
Jimin Moans
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I’m actually quite proud of this one…enjoy~ ^^Suga MoansKookie MoansTaehyung Moa...
gif mine bts heh 3k so dumb jimin park jimin Bangtan 2j jeon jeongguk jungkook i laughed so hard my lungs hurt also aka me and luciana the video is so lq im so sorry i had to gif this rly
Hoseok Moans
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This one took longer than I expected, but OMG I had fun~ Enjoy~ ^^ Jimin Moans ...
my comic neon genesis evangelion no homo kaworu nagisa nge my comics Shinji Ikari kawoshin Qworu it's so hard to draw these two like jfc omf i don't even know why shinji is so hard to draw
1k * v kpop bts jimin this took so long god Bangtan suga jhope odottart jungkook seokjin rapmon it's 4am now i am in physical pain :) LIKE.... I STARTED AT MAYBE... 12PM... i put in a lot of thought into this like i actually planned it out before i drew (usually i dont) there's reasons why each member is placed where they are apart from age i couldve swapped taehyung and hobi to make piece more balanced but if i did that there wouldnt have been room for tae's platform it wouldve looked odd i feel rly proud of this!! like composition wise and everything i struggled with the cards tho. how tf do u draw a house of cards bye
Fanart hetalia arthur kirkland aph england teart did I just draw generic pretty guy sleeping among flowers yes; I did roses are so hard to draw shfsjd
My art sans undertale toriel soriel i failed at puns but i still can draw
1k mine bts jin bt jimin Bangtan m:bts suga rap monster j hope jungkook taehyung this is so hard. to color.
what kpop bts jin jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga yoongi j-hope jhope namjoon jungkook BangtanBoys rapmon jikook BIGHIT a.r.m.y JIMIN WHY R U A HOMELESS BOY
1k gifs v bts teaser jin jimin g:bts Bangtan suga rap monster yoongi i need u jhope hoseok namjoon jungkook taehyung seokjin i think thats it for me today ;;;;; this vid is too hard to gif :(
Suga Moans - Extended
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I decided to extend it because…OMG it sounds amazing T^TKookie MoansJimin...
art mine edward elric Winry Rockbell FMA Fullmetal Alchemist i can't even Edwin fmab this is so messy i couldn't draw today lol and like... all sketches sucked so hard my relationship kinda look like this :D I'm Winry sitting to the late hours or never sleep until I finish my drawings or projects haha and my Arthur is always reading something also he likes to sleep a lot and he is always mad at me when I go to sleep at 5am or he try to relocate me from my workroom to our bed whenI fell asleep yo Ed... run for your life but who cares :"D i rly rly rly need to change my art tag I know she's a queen tho but the Princess is actually cuter :3 he calls her his queen in bed owo
Someone come cry with me. I just watched this fancam and you can see Jimin just quietly sitting next to Namjoon during BigBang’s performance, not talking or moving really, even though we know he’s a massive BB fan. We’ve talked a lot about how Jimin always seem to be the one most sensitive to the me...
kaworu nagisa kawoshin QWORUS HAIR IS SO HARD TO DRAW WTF THIS LOOKS SO BAD....but im posting it anyway......................
My art DRAMAtical Murder DMMd koujaku Clear (DMMd) aoba seragaki noiz (dmmd) mink (dmmd) koujaku is so hard to draw
zelda skyward sword legend of zelda twilight princess wind waker ocarina of time princess zelda z art hyrule warriors a lot of damn tags this time too HW Zelda is my favorite I also think TP Zelda is very pretty too