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LOL meme wwe john cena united states champion AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA
  • person:what does 'jfc' stand for?
i heard there was a john cena meme
  • Me [using a ouija board]:Are there any ghosts here?
  • Ouija board:Yes.
  • Me:Cool. So what's your name?
  • Ouija board:J....O....H...N C...E...N...A
Who let John Cena fly the helicopter?
Is this illegal yet??? 
I’m a professional video editor.
Is the meme dead yet
I’ll let everyone react to this as they please.
I set up a fake phone number you can give out to people who ask for your number but you don’t want to give it to them.515-808-2362 directs to ringing, then a voicemail that just plays this:you’re welcomeif anyone leaves voicemails, i may post them hereNevermind, Google hates fun and shut me down, it...
When squad is roasting you but you have no comebacks
Do y'all remember this fight from Shrek?
i love this part of the shining
1k mine 10k 50k john cena donald trump 25k 100k
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John Cena vs Diavolo
Welcome to the inaugural episode of John Cena vs Everything, where we use facts and research to determine who would win when John Cena takes on the most powerful beings in fiction!  This time, Cena goes up against Diavolo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adeventure. An introduction to Cena’s oppon...
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