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alaska where you at bitch a shit-ton of katherines paper-ass towns holy fucking shit another will grayson fuck you stars
True love is when you’re standing in line for Chipotle, and you say, “I shouldn’t get guacamole,” and the great love...
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patiently waiting for john green books to become movies
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oh I finally know who John Green makes me think of he totally looks like Jimmy Neutron but grown up the hair and everything
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today i accidentally said john green instead of john watson the adventures of sherlock holmes and john green
- Podemos nos ver de novo? - perguntou, e havia um nervosismo fofo na voz dele. Sorri - Claro. - Amanhã? - Paciência, Gafanhoto - aconselhei...
It hurts because it mattered.
Who is this John Green guy? Will I be sad if I read his books? I am not particularly in the mood for sad romantic books (which is weirdly the impression I get from him BUT I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG)
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