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Do you even understand how much I love quotes from Series 1/2/3 revived in the context of canon Johnlock Sherlock choking out, “I was away for two years.  I thought you’d got on with your life.”  John half-jokingly responding, “What life? You were away.” John and Sherlo...
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The Problem With Squat Challenges
There is a growing awareness of squats as an important if not the most important strength training exercise for the lower body. As a personal trainer it’s hard to argue with this fact. But now a number of 30 programs and challenges are circulating around tumblr and the internet for squats. This is o...
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“i love sherlock it’s such a good show!” “and john and sherlock are totally in love it’s canon!!”
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"how many times have you cried over fictional characters?"
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Things pregnant women should be applauded for: Walking up stairs Rolling over in bed Getting out of bed Not peeing for over an hour Tying their shoe laces Getting dressed Keeping their cool Getting out of the bath Not flinching at rib kicks Not peeing when sneezing Not eating everything unhealthy t...
ericandy's 30 Day OTP Challenge!
The rules are simple: draw one picture of your OTP a day, with the theme listed here! You can use any fandom you like!! Be sure to tag each entry with 30 Day OTP Challenge to make it easier to keep track of them!Feel free to interpret the prompts any way you like! That’s what it’s about!...
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Art Challenge Masterpost!
Got art block? Look no further! 365 day challenge (translated from Japanese) 33 day guro challenge 31 day magical girl challenge 30 day self insert challenge 30 day art block butt kick 30 day drawing challenge 30 days of drawing 30 days of art improvement  30 days art challenge: draw all the things ...
When a million things can bring you down, find one reason to keep you up.
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Getting outta bed is one of the hardest challenges of the day.