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There’s been a lot of theorizing that Molly is Mary Morstan and that she and John are going to get hitched, but guys can you even imagine the sex? it would be like I’ll stop calling out Sherlock’s name when you do. 
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I must know you all.
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We have talked about writing ‘Johnlock’ into the show. I would be totally comfortable with it as an actor, but there’s jus...
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Someone told me that this was a shit edit because John is too small. FYI it is a joke, a play on Pocket John…and just for fun. I know he is smaller than Sherlock, that was the point. I am glad so many other people think it is funny. XP
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You tried timeswhenlucywasright: The next time you draw Sherlock and Jawn, can you make Sherlock confused by all the different gussied up coffees in Starbucks? Pretty please? :D Anon: Can I ask Sherlock’s and Jawn’s first kiss in a doodle? :DDDDDDDD
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  • Johnlock shippers:*sobs and whimpers*
  • Sheriarty shippers:Oh, we are so cool.
  • Mormor shippers:Let us bite and beat and mock each other and feel the taste of blood on our tongues.
  • Sheriarty shippers:We are fabulous. One and only.
  • Johnlock shippers:*more sobs and whimpers*
  • Mormor shippers:And then cuddle and watch cartoons under a warm blanket.
  • Mystrade shippers:'Evening, gentlemen! Would you like a delicious cup of tea and then take part in rough shameless sex act?
  • Sheriarty shippers:brb, having a narcissism attack
  • ...
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