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My art how reaper hOW HAS NO ONE MADE THIS JOKE YET Overwatch la chancla Soldier 76 soldier: 76 gabriel reyes jack morrison i dont;; get dunked on reyes
Obama clapped back at Hillary’s colored people joke!!!
When people describe Oikawa with a great fashion sense, but I never forgetYou know who has better fashion sense? Everyone else besides Oikawa 
cause this joke hasnt been made yet
:') cherik my shtuff my comics heheh yes yes I know stupid charl erik was right next to you i love the smol dorky charl a;slkdfjal;sdjkf FIRST COMIC ON THIS BLOG DRAWN BY A UNIV GRAD also i know the original joke is slightly diluted in my comic the person talking about the post is the '1 in 4' gay person but i wanted to draw the follow up smol cherik
i need to go to bed ughhhhh madi draws things Tango 2016 it's too late omgcheckplease eric bittle omgcp idk this new one's full name sorryyyy derek nurse idk if it's ooc for nursey to be the one telling him but i just wanted to draw him and he already gave tango brain pains once why not twice i think i just made a really bad joke.......... edit: I FORGOT NURSEY'S TATTOO i'm not editing
funny life depressed depression sad cartoon anxiety joke depressing
my favorite album is banana by andy warhol
when you realize there’s something wrong buts its too late to fix it:
my gifs mine* barbara gordon The Killing Joke dcedit dcauedit barbaragordonedit
  • aries:laughed at a girl who was trapped inside of an umbrella
  • taurus:gazed forlornly at a plate of cookies as it was taken away from him
  • gemini:conviently had a magical girl transformation sequence choreographed when attaining his kwami
  • cancer:tried to hook his best friend up with a girl although he himself is incapable of confessing his own true feelings to his crush
  • leo:made a pun while uselessly standing around and watching his partner nearly getting thrown off a large, flying hair dryer
  • virgo:decided the best course of action to protect a prince was to place a metal bowl upon his head
  • libra:had no qualms about destroying an entire dimension
  • scorpio:was genuinely annoyed because his copycat didn't make good puns
  • ...
where does a mansplainer get his water
from a well, actually
Michael Fassbender fassyedit usermichaelfassbender userdan userbonesmccoy professorx* the first one was supposed to be a joke but i decided to go w/ it don't hate me lmao
richard campbell gansey iii, master of smooth, once lay in bed hoping that his crush would call and then, when she did, immediately began telling her interesting facts about ducks.
comics peter parker Marvel spider-man cowboy bebop see you space cowboy my precious nerd i hope you all catch my super subtle raid joke i spent far too long making this thing i hope it was WELL WORTH IT
This is magical. #Love it!  
Jesus democracy America freedom of speech theological culture
rename “fire ants” to “spicy boys” 
  • Geology:lick the rock
  • Psychology:brainception
  • Genetics:Punett squares and percentages
  • Chemistry:what is water?
  • Biology:no math for the love of God
  • Physics:1001 ways to throw things
  • Astronomy:the nerds of the science world
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