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suho joonmyeon kim joonmyeon suho edit mxvi edit
exo instagram sehun suho junmyeon weibo joonmyeon idk whats going on anymore let the science explain this
Last day at school like:
i thought this was Suho at Met Gala 2015 after hearing the news of Kris attending it
LOL lmao exo exo m exo k Lay yixing suho zhang yixing SuLay joonmyeon kim joonmyeon such a huge difference tho my sulay feels again 2015MAMA
dad joke level: suho
“I was talking to Kyungsoo about which park to go to in NY and I said Linkin Park”
my gif 1k m exo suho exo gif joonmyeon suho gif wow its been so long
wtf sunggyu exo kyuhyun shinee jonghyun minho exok exom joonmyun suho exo gif kim joonmyeon suho gif exo suho shinee minho leader exo exol fluttering india suho fluttering india suho wtf cr. joonmyunworld exo joonmyeon
edit exo Chen suho i'm sorry guys jongdae joonmyeon suchen i'm bringing back the suchen baby this is my redemption for that depressing xiuhan post i made
gifs haha exo tao Kai exo m exo k LAME sehun Lay jongin Chen yixing D.O. Kyungsoo baekhyun suho Minseok chanyeol xiumin jongdae joonmyeon nervous laugh g:exo
gif 1k mine exo Kai jongin suho joonmyeon kaiho sukai shipgifs exoluxion exo'luxion my poor thing :( he's always hurt :( i'm really bad with captions im sorry lmao mom and kids
exo tao Kai Suit sehun Luhan Lay jongin Kris 12 Chen yixing Kyungsoo baekhyun suho d.o Minseok chanyeol xiumin jongdae zitao yifan joonmyeon damn this f*cking tumblr photos' size limit i still didn't get it
When the teacher thinks you aren't paying attention and asks you a question and you get it right: