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I want a comic book movie with a great female villain I want a movie with a female hero who doesn’t need to be rescued by her male counterpart I want a comic book movie where the female hero’s costume isn’t somehow made to be more feminine or sexual I want a movie where-
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Haha! #dontjudgechallenge  
Don’t judge me for my choices when you don’t understand my reasons.
  • Me:what's they sign
  • Lawyer:your honor what do you mean?
  • Me:😒 wus dey sign hoe
  • Lawyer:ummm....libra your honor
  • Me:guilty
  • Jury:tru
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judge people
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When you judge me without knowing me, you do not define me, you define yourself.
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Judge gets surprised by the white privilege
The Charleston shooter’s judge has a shocking history of racism in the courtroom.
While Charleston County Magistrate James B. Gosnell was overseeing hearings for Roof he referred to the shooter’s family as “victims on this young man’s side of the family.” These callous remarks seem even worse in light of Judge Gosnell’s history of public racism in court.
gifs shrek movie gifs don't judge a book by its cover better off alone judge me before they even know me
Tyler's highnote in The Judge reblog if you agree
When he asks you to say his name & you moan louder cause you forgot ?????????????? ???
Judge Gosnell is a racist and must be removed from overseeing the Charleston shooting case any further
okay i was bored, don't judge me.
i skipped out some parts but w/e