• just posting this for the fans •
logan henderson big time rush kendall schmidt james maslow carlos pena BTR just posting this for the fans because i know you will love the pics
just for fun the 1975 george daniel love you george i really didnt think of posting this but
  • Things kpop idols should avoid:Tumblr & Asianfanfics
my gif Misha Collins nsfw??? nip tuck par 6 so basically now i'm just waiting for them to insinuate cas' autofellatio skills thanks for the advice brittany! i still feel weird for posting this...
Dwayne Johnson As if you need another reason to love the rock he is just an amazing yet humble human being one of the only celebs i follow on facebook because all he posts is inpiring posts meeting fans on the streets posting stories about fans and sick children he helps just an amazing person
edits Celebs The Host Boyd Holbrook idk i just feel like posting this
x parks and recreation my gifs* leslie knope parksedit pinkmanjesse deadhpool this has been in my drafts for month just posting this so i have something new till i get my new monitor i hate the font but what can you do
fall anime season 2015!!!
Haikyuu!! 2nd SeasonK: Return of KingsNoragami AragatoOne-Punch ManOwari no Seraph 2nd SeasonDiabolik Lovers More, Blood
* mygif ALL IN BLACK wwamygif i am posting this for the lights in the back lmao
SHINee's rolling paper
Write what you’ve been annoyed with or had a problem about with this member. If you write praise or “nothing” we’ll assume that you’re awkward with them~ TaeminJonghyun: Taeminnah… Sorry for being mean to you when you wore my hat that one time. But please tell me...
My cousin just showed me Robin Williams star on the Walk of Fame:
k im only posting this for the models
Benedict Cumberbatch anon epic not posting anything for a couple days so this'll be the first thing people see
pretty little liars emily fields ** pll yo shoutout to wardrobe i might just send you some chocolates or something bc gOOD LORD thank you for this i can't even talk about the 4th gif for two different reasons fucking lighting differences posting gifs at 1am is becoming a thing for me but f it
pete wentz fob fall out boy reference Patrick Stump joe trohman whispers i'm just posting this for myself any hurley
mine1 yeah ed sheeran but you're the best HAAAAHASADJ I can't believe i'm really posting it this is so funny or just ugly or just weird brotha
Disneyedit this looks like shit but hi tlkedit animationedit so rusty hallofheroinesnetwork donbluthnetwork im not rly back tho just felt guilty for not posting still ly all
Avatar The Last Airbender fans may have Fire, Water, Earth, and Air bending, but we K-Pop / EXO fans...
BEHOLD!!!! LETTUCE BENDING!!! SLUSHIE BENDING!!!  FRY BENDING!!! … and… the best one of them all… CHICKEN BENDING!!!
mine howl's moving castle studio ghibli !howl studioghibligif this is the gif for my follow forever but im just posting it without the part and those are lyrics from the end song ahh