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beauty mine kristen stewart ilysfm you are amazing on the road cannes 2012 robstenaddicted2 can't wait for rob to be back :3
harry potter my gifs lily evans hp a lot TMB hpedit the magic begins dkfkdjfkd i loved this scene but i also cried
japan cherry blossom spring sakura shiba inu Sakura blossom
Joey Richter starkid A.J. Holmes graphics: all graphics: starkid a very potter senior year AVPSY
mygifs mine G Dragon Big Bang 1000 sbs thank you aww he dresses so cute and comfortable not the swag or over swag or over the top clothes he has and his haircut is so damn cute@@
kind of les mis les miserables ikea barricade Marius red and black Marius Pontmercy barricade boys not quite but good enough fun furniture
my stuff Torchwood Ianto Jones captain jack harkness gwen cooper children of the earth wow this hurt really badly srsly guys not fun really not fun
LOL kkk humor print meuspost iludida
cute friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S joey blue men lipstick subliminal message kanji fail kanji = omo not ichiban omo = think
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i cry  just a little
But oh well own art i don't even know why I try
'your hair is fucking PINK you look like such a twat GOD do you even know how to spell 'COMB' let alone 'A SHOWER' 'guys-' 'was that you tomlinson? do you have a stool nearby or do i have to whip out my microscope?' 'nick-' 'get your filthy hipster paws off of him you prehistoric flea ridden bean pole' 'lou-' i'm wearing my glasses today love- sorry to say i can't see even the top of your quiff above the lower rim' 'please you two-' 'grimmygobacktomyspace' 'i-' 'ronaldmcdonlinson' 'oh my god'
quotes kushandwizdom buddha buddha quotes
Niall Horan mine nh
mine mygif starkid a very potter senior year AVPSY gifmaster I USED SO MUCH TIME ON THIS gods it was difficult and i got many problems and i regret not making the text bigger but you know what? i used many hours on this and i am not doing it again
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