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You know… When Kaworu says “I might have been born to meet you” in the tv series he has this smile on his face that seems just amazed and fascinated. Because Kaworu and Shinji are very much in puppy love here. Kaworu is looking at him like this because he’s absolutely infatu...
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4Kidz adaption of nge where Shinji and Kaworu aka Sean and Karl are cousins and the ever so famous “I was born to meet you” line is replaced by “I will always be your friend”
kaworu nagisa evangelion Shinji Ikari kawoshin
¿Yo sin mi idolo? Es como Facebook sin amigos, YouTube sin vídeos, Twitter sin seguidores y Google s...
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???????????????????????????? Pixiv ID: 33656951 Member: meco@??82b I don’t believe this has been translated yet, so here you guys go! This broke my heart into a million tiny pieces. _(:’c??)_ UPDATED download link *REUPLOADED cause I had to cut it into smaller chunks so hopefully it...
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MY EDIT neon genesis evangelion kaworu nagisa Shinji Ikari kawoshin
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Sin respeto, el amor se pierde. Sin los celos, el amor es aburrido. Sin honestidad, el amor es trist...
Encontrar a alguien que te quiera sin excusas, sin pretextos, sin miedos.
La felicidad consiste en dormir sin tener que madrugar, comer sin engordar y aprobar sin estudiar.
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art kaworu evangelion nge shinji kawoshin let's be honest here this was going somewhere but i couldn't pull it off? i was gonna make shinji freak out about kaworu borrowing a dress from rei but then i though shinji ikari has seen some shit he doesn't care his boyfriend's wearing a yellow sundress i love thiiissssss haha rei and asuka probably went shopping for it with him fuck gender roles and dress codes happy world where everyone gets along yesssss