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1k gaming HI ANNA [4] telltale games twau the wolf among us bigby wolf twau spoilers twauedit gamingedit kazztou hi passi in sheep's clothing a quick look in the tag showed me that i've been playing bigby a whole lot nicer than the average gamer ._. (no big bad wolf at all)
daria Edgar Allan Poe Daria Morgendorffer HI ANNA daria gif Gifted bibliophile The Tell Tale Heart kazztou
1k alexander ludwig vikings [4] george blagden travis fimmel Katheryn Winnick Historyvikings vikingsedit vikings spoilers treachery kazztou vikings*two vklagertha vkragnarlothbrok vkbjornironside caps are so much fun i had no idea but i never had a 1080p episode either vkathelstan
1k hannibal hugh dancy [4] imagine how is touch the sky will graham don't dead open inside hannibaledit hannibal spoilers abigail hobbs kacey rohl nbchannibal murder family kazztou mizumono i was supposed to try 2mb 500px but i gave up midway aka i tried.gif watching those two reunite made my heart bleed or how i read earlier: ohana means murder
1k alexander ludwig vikings [4] george blagden Historyvikings Nathan O'Toole vikingsedit Ruby O'Leary kazztou vikings*two vkgyda vkbjornironside vkathelstan this is for you zoe because you once said you liked parallels
Season 1 Season 2 scenery opening credits vikings boneless Historyvikings vikingsedit Wrath of the Northmen kazztou vikings meme i seriously don't know what this is but it's late and i had fun so who cares two locations vikinks vikinksmeme i listened to a fanmix named after laura marling's captain and the hourglass hence the lyrics spoiler alert: the song isn't really about water and i wouldn't have edited today if it weren't for tjhmmond's apocalyptic pace
1k vikings Katheryn Winnick Lagertha Historyvikings vikingsedit make me choose kazztou i cut a lot of perfect scenes out because i am a monster but the set is swamped as it is also: vorobey008 made a perfect ragnar set which included a bunch of my favourite scenes so i didn't want to do the same i cut the stabbing of husband no. 2 which saddens me aaaargh man no i'm not really getting better at this
music kurt cobain nirvana my stuff dave grohl Krist Novoselic band interview I'll try again with the edit those look crappy the interview though... phewww sweet chuck I had my fair share of nostalgy