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Cool Kids
Echosmith  Talking Dreams
Echosmith - Cool Kids
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protect pan kids
-protect pan kids who are guys-protect pan kids who are girls-protect pan kids who are non-binary-protect pan kids who are told they are selfish-protect pan kids who are told they are bi-protect pan kids who are told they need to choose-protect pan kids who are told they are fake-protect pan kids wh...
MGMT  Oracular Spectacular
MGMT | Kids
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Jaden Smith ft. Willow   Cool Tapes V2
We’re the crazy kids, rebel kids, lonely kids, saddened kids Pacific Coas...
@queen_beezy13 Little princes beastmode
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Got my kids trained
White kids vs black kids
i still do not understand what possessed so many well-respected actors to do the spy kids movies like did they pay really well? did you want these beautiful, terrible movies to be a blemish on your career forever?? why  antonio banderas did so many high-profile movies then in spy kids he looked like...
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