• killer instinct •
today i came in the door and i heard someone coming down the stairs and i didnt know who it was or what to do since im always home alone so instinctively i pulled out my Sonic Screwdriver and did kind of a ready stance and pointed it at where they would be but when they came down the stairs I realiz...
In art as in love, instinct is enough.
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KILLER TREES (Actually, killer tree. Singular.)
Today I want to talk about the ways that trees can kill you. Specifically, the Sandbox or Dynamite tree. (Hura crepitans) To begin, have a picture of the sandbox tree’s trunk: Does that look painful? I think it looks painful. The trunk is covered with spikes, which gave the nickname of the &#...
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The Whole World
Outkast ft. Killer Mike 
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Basic Instinct
The Acid 
The Acid | Basic Instinct Tender we fallQuiet and aloneTired and gone, just spee...