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Mother's Instinct
today i came in the door and i heard someone coming down the stairs and i didnt know who it was or what to do since im always home alone so instinctively i pulled out my Sonic Screwdriver and did kind of a ready stance and pointed it at where they would be but when they came down the stairs I realiz...
In art as in love, instinct is enough.
All searches relating “ted cruz” and “zodiac killer” have been removed from google
On February 26th, NPR posted this screenshot of the google search “is ted cruz”: “Is ted cruz the zodiac killer” is the second suggestion. Here is a screenshot from today (3/21):Nothing about the zodiac killer. The conspiracy theory is also absent from any search suggestions for other combinations o...
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KILLER TREES (Actually, killer tree. Singular.)
Today I want to talk about the ways that trees can kill you. Specifically, the Sandbox or Dynamite tree. (Hura crepitans) To begin, have a picture of the sandbox tree’s trunk: Does that look painful? I think it looks painful. The trunk is covered with spikes, which gave the nickname of the &#...
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