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Project Runway Sean Kelly
1k * my gifs 5k 10k Prince William Kate Middleton oz duke of cambridge duchess of cambridge Prince George
my gifs vogue feminism bollywood madhuri dixit domestic violence bollywood 2 vogue india preetpreet1k vogue empower blame the people who made the ad not me bruh still i'm glad it's evoking some kind of emotion
land of propaganda banksys feed the hungry
LOL Illustration comic doodles this actually happened it was great my first assignment from my graphic novel illustration class: O
* gifs cast jason momoa dccastedit jmomoaedit by kal momoaedit
lady gaga harry potter celebrities art Daniel Radcliffe x jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean johnny depp dolls angelina jolie Maleficent Noel Cruz
“I want a Disney film where the protagonist has a disability saves the day and is loved by all”  “I want a Disney film where the protagonist isn’t conventionally attractive and that doesn’t define their worth or ever stop them from being amazing”“I want a Disney film where the main guy and the girl ...
shooting Massacre Sandy Hook elementary school shooting
im crying 50 Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey melsmusings
new year capricorn 2013 Horoscpe
best ones from Thomas Sanders’ Narrating People’s Lives.
pizza valentines day i love pizza
the best kind of dog honestly„
animals cute omggggg so soft so smol i want to snuggle it
Oops I Did It Again (voice impression attempt)
Sam 'Apitong' Zabala 
So my mom told me to record a song for her. She didn’t give specific instr...
The Fourth of July is over!
You know what that means!!!It’s time to start prepping forHALLOWEEN
popular jon stewart The Daily Show
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