• kisses sherlock My art johnlock doodles i really needed this today •
1k sherlock martin freeman sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch my shit john watson bbc sherlock johnlock sherlock bbc sherlock edit SherlockEdit johnlockedit johnlock edit i just really loved those texts
sherlock martin freeman my stuff Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock johnlock no but really ahhahaha sometimes i hate myself. this is how i think series 3 will end just john leaving 221B and then im going to kill myself
art johnlock im really sorry ????? this isn't what you asked for but not really johnlock
sherlock My art Fanart SHERLOCK FANART johnlock sherlock s3 Johnlock forever
sherlock sherlock holmes john watson johnlock my fanart quick doodle really quickest comic thing I've ever done cause I just copy pasted everything hahaha really not anything special still need to work on art projects with other tumblr users
My art SHERLOCK FANART johnlock sherlock bbc i like this pocket!john ooold pic
art sherlock johnlock but not really johnlock valentines day is great because I get an excuse to be punny as if I need an excuse
My art johnlock fan art sherlock bbc cuddles fluff whatevs nightynight midnight doodles even if it's past 3 am tho
sherlock My art johnlock idk if this is any good anymore I'm trying so many new things also I really really really hate lettering things even more than I hate colouring and I thought that was impossible I am kind of fond of John's face tho but I will stop ranting in my tags now lol
sherlock My art bbc sherlock johnlock
sherlock My art johnlock doodle sherlock bbc awful proportions I don't know how body works
sherlock My art johnlock sherlock spoilers what is consistency hehehhe sherlock spoilers s3 This totally happened in the second episode we'll see how long this colouring style lasts this drawing took a long time nstw? im sorry its not as hot as i described everyone ill try harder next time
My art sherlock holmes john watson bbc sherlock johnlock sherlock bbc wolf charm art wolfcharm
My art NSFW johnlock fan art sherlock bbc sherlock art just butts actually but i need more time to get to the dicks i better change the description in my sidebar then
sherlock My art comic bbc sherlock johnlock janine The Empty Hearse
sherlock My art Fanart remakeproject
sherlock My art johnlock i love these two idiots more than i can say
i just really needed this on my blog