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Legend of Korra Book 2 Clip !!!
first two minutes of book 2 here …IT’S LIN’S FATHER asdfghjklz
Extended Korra Clip! Out of the Past
legend of korra no. korra clip
New Exclusive Book 4 Clip
Preview Clip from the Book 4 Finale [x].
New clip from “After All These Years”. [x]
Preview clip from Episode 4 of Book 4, “The Calling” [x].
Episode 10: “Turning the Tides” New Clip!
Youtube version of today’s promo clip.
Nickelodeon Oh Snap Korra legend of korra lok korra nation book 4 first clip
gifs Korra legend of korra naga tlok lokedit TLOK 4.07
Korra runs into Tahno, the pro-bender who had his powers str...
NEW CLIP from the season finale of Korra: Korra and team coz...
Preview clip from “Long Live the Queen” [x]
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The Aftermath, Episode 1x07 Preview Clip: A Fallen Pro-Bende...
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New Legend of Korra Clip. Korra talks aboot Asami and seeks ...
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NEW CLIP: Tenzin rushes to City Hall to find out what has ha...
NEW CLIP from episode 110: Korra is back home and safe. As s...