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Me around kids: Me around people my age:
  • me:KPOP
  • me:KOREA
  • me:BIASES
  • me:K-DRAMAS
  • me:K-IDOLS
  • me:K-THINGS
  • friend:Shut up
Popular girls at school Popular guys at school Me and my friends
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me: I will leave kpop and focus on my studies 2PM :comeback when you hear this song APINK : no no no EXO : don’t go me: 
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  • 1:Favorite MV?
  • 2:Who was your first bias in ______?
  • 3:Favorite OTP?
  • 4:Least favorite group?
  • 5:Favorite girl group?
  • 6:Favorite duo?
  • 7:Favorite Solo singer?
  • 8:Your favorite K-drama?
  • ...
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Walking in school listening to Kpop:
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Reblog and I will put an KPOP idol in your ask that I would ship you with.
  • Plot Twist:SM managers have a comeback before EXO
b.a.p kpop meme KPop Macros
  • New Kpop Fan:I think I'll memorize all the members by hair color.
  • Experienced Kpop Fan:Yeah ok good luck with that.
When someone hot tells you your cute
What… Ooooo yeaaa he likes me!!!! But then you look in the mirror Then you ask him why
  • me:i read every day. and really fast too.
  • person:yeah? what do you read?
  • me:subtitles.
When your off from school
Wake Up Eat Go On The Computer  Eat Again Watch TV Go On Your Phone Eat Again….. Try To Do Some Work Eat  Say To Yourself “WTF did I just do today….” Finally Go To Bed Around 12 or 1am
  • Fan:So who's that guy in f(x)?
  • Fan:Which is a better group? Girl's Generation or SNSD?
  • Fan:Who's the blonde one?
  • Fan:How do you memorize Super Junior's members?
  • Fan:What is 'sasaeng'?
  • Fan:Did he just cuss?!
  • Fan:Why do their songs start with 'JYP' I mean seriously what does it even mean who's JYP?
  • Fan:Ring ding dong? The heck is that?
  • ...
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