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Me around kids: Me around people my age:
  • me:KPOP
  • me:KOREA
  • me:BIASES
  • me:K-DRAMAS
  • me:K-IDOLS
  • me:K-THINGS
  • friend:Shut up
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K P O P ? (the + influence)
You decided to learn Korean:It encourages you to try tour best:Not discriminating against anyone:Better make-up/hair and fashion style:It influences you to lose weight (in a healthy & funny way)You become more outgoing:Respect,respect and respect!!!Be original,be you! All credit goes to right...
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me: I will leave kpop and focus on my studies 2PM :comeback when you hear this song APINK : no no no EXO : don’t go me: 
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  • 1:Favorite MV?
  • 2:Who was your first bias in ______?
  • 3:Favorite OTP?
  • 4:Least favorite group?
  • 5:Favorite girl group?
  • 6:Favorite duo?
  • 7:Favorite Solo singer?
  • 8:Your favorite K-drama?
  • ...
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Walking in school listening to Kpop:
Gifs are not mine
Reblog and I will put an KPOP idol in your ask that I would ship you with.
  • Plot Twist:SM managers have a comeback before EXO
  • me:i read every day. and really fast too.
  • person:yeah? what do you read?
  • me:subtitles.
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