• kurloz •
homestuck My art pastel goth kurloz makara ask requests working with pastels is a good time his sweater says fuck off in a nice pink purple and blue gradient lmao
needed some more kurloz todayso here’s a few doodles
homestuck gore Smoking humanstuck goddamnit kurloz makara blood tw blood // i dont even know any more CasentineArt stitches // even tho not really just for those people who might need it drug use // if you need more tags let me know drawin cute shit one day bloody stuff the next im sorry if this isn't what you expected or wanted
Pre Scratch Trolls: Bath/Shower
(Suggested by anon)Kankri:Damara:Rufioh:Mituna:Meulin:Porrim:Latula:Aranea:Horuss:Kurloz:Cronus:Meenah:
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