• kurloz •
u broke his penis
homestuck luluart meulin kurloz finally had time to doodle
homestuck My art i'm sorry kurloz Kurloz you creepy creepy troll
homestuck scare o doodles kurloz makara kurloz
homestuck cosplay meulin meulin leijon
blood meulin leijon kurloz makara hometuck hbhbhb body horror?
Im bored
homestuck Gamzee Makara gamzee Makara kurloz makara kurloz
homestuck cosplay meulin kurloz kurlozmeulin
(Uh, sorry this is so awful ^^;)
me homestuck ancestors my face gamzee Makara alpha trolls meulin meulin leijon kurloz makara kurloz moosefix
homestuck My art epilepsy warning meulin meulin leijon it almost matches the kurloz but not enough to put them in a set :'))
homestuck cosplay uwu <333 meulin kurloz kurlozmeulin AAAAAND THE KISSY GIF yeah i havent had a legit couple cosplay kiss in a while its nice
homestuck kurloz tag
this has to be my favorite sprite of karkat because he just looks like hes skipping angrily and its so ridiculous
otp shennanigans and snuggles. more gifs and stuff to come when tumblr stops being a butt (=^-?-^=)Meulin | Kurloz
homestuck epilepsy warning ooc kankri vantas kankri mituna mituna captor kurloz makara kurloz (( It's okay to post it here.. right? ))
Kankri Steals Hands Idea © Pospheria’
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