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harry potter l o l rachels gif
THG Josh Hutcherson my stuff l o l
there’s that one fictional character where you’re like “wow i identify with you you are me in fictional form and i really get you” but you also wouldn’t say no if they turned up on your doorstep in a big coat with nothing underneath
why do i like this band 
(????) ??? ???
Ainda não sei ao certo, se as pessoas mudam ou elas apenas se revelam.
¿ v i s t e c o m o l a d i s t a n c i a l o c o m p l i c a t o d o ? miracomoestarjuntoslocomplic...
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LOL nathan fillion stana katic l o l nathan x stana
1k mine Dylan O'Brien derpyhale stilinskisparkles haletostilinski hoechlins l o l i hate myself
my stuff Dianna Agron l o l 1000noch i love this picture sfm
exo l o l type: gif suho so uh nobody saw my mistake did they
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** joseph gordon levitt l o l hope we didn't all forget this was a thing