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A while ago i read this theory that mom lalonde wrote wizardy herbert and posted it online, and rose read it and was a huge huge fan but she didn’t know her mom wrote it, and tHAT’S ADORABLE
Whenever people argue about what the characters look like canonically in Homestuck I just
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i absolutely love lalonde relationship like there’s a lot of love for the striders relationship¬† but goddamn look at this Rose gave her a damn custom-made vacuum and then Mom decides to BRONZE IT BECAUSE SHE LOVES IT SO MUCH. THEN KID ROSE DREW A PICTURE WHICH SHE THEN GOES ABOUT TO SPEND $...
Let's talk about Roxy Lalonde
Has anyone done this before? Probably. Idk I wanted to talk about her.¬† Roxy Lalonde strikes me as one of the saddest and strongest characters in Homestuck. I know people like to fawn over Dirk and the rough time he is currently going through, but let’s talk about Roxy for a bit.¬† Roxy, just ...
Jade got Jake’s frivolity and Jane’s intelligence John got Jake’s dickishness and Jane’s compassion Dave got Dirk’s social awkwardness and Roxy’s funloving side Rose got Dirk’s seriousness and Roxy’s positive attitude
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