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Have you ever thought just how amazing it is that out of all the thousands of people at that Script concert both Harry and Louis were there. And then out of the thousands of people using that same bathroom Harry and Louis somehow met there, to then both of them be put in the same band out of all the...
I don’t understand why some of you guys surrender.. Harry and Louis need us now more than ever please stay stay with me
What Harry did is great not just because of Larry. He didn’t out himself, he stood up for something he considers right. It’s great because a 19 years old boy who sings in the most famous boy band in the world and who literally can change millions of young people’s minds and points ...
“Why are you so obsessed with Larry?”
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Honestly reblog this if you know Larry Stylinson is real.
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  • Harry:Lou, I want to kiss you from 11:59 pm all the way to 12:01 am
  • Louis:Why?
  • Harry:So I can have the perfect ending to 18 and perfect beginning to 19.
A second ago, I showed my mom this picture. She made a sound like a dying walrus and screamed, “LOUIS IS HOLDING THAT BEER BOTTLE WITH NOTHING BUT THE SUCTION HIS CHEEKS MAKE. GOD DAMN, I CAN’T EVEN GIVE THAT GOOD OF A BLOWJOB. BOY GOT SKILLS AND PRACTICE, MAN.” I’m amused, ...
some people wouldn’t believe in larry even if they wore the t shirt proving it oh wait  or even if they confirmed it oh wait  “Are you and Louis dating?” (x) or even if they did gay thingsoh wait Harry Styles wearing bear pride ring. Louis Tomlinson wearing a t-shirt of...