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They’ve called us ‘deluded.’ We ‘genuinely’ think that they’re in a relationship. But one thing they’ve never called us? Wrong.
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I don’t understand why some of you guys surrender.. Harry and Louis need us now more than ever please stay stay with me
Prayer circle for the Payzer shippers (so basically the whole fandom)
Andy the boys security guard RTed this 
Being so in love… With two different people… But you’d be happier seeing them with each other… Larry shippers know selfless love…
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson One Direction LARRY IS REAL larry shippers
  • So basically there are four types of DIRECTIONERS
  • The Motherly Ones:"Oh my babies stop growing please you precious children."
  • The Cryers:"Nothings fine I'm - *uncontrollable sobbing*"
  • and The Angry Ones:"Fml. I hate this fucking boyband."
  • But then we have us Larry Shippers who are somehow all four. At the same time.
  • Larry Shippers:"Harry and Louis my loves I'll stand by you forever #bravery. But seriously JUST FUCK ALREADY. AND FOR CHRISTS SAKE TAPE IT PLEASE. Wait can I be invited? Holy shit my feels Larry threesome someone write a fic. Omg more matching tattoos I just *cries* no stop Louis dont look at him like that! *cries more* height differen- FUCK THIS. FUCK YOU TWO I HATE YOU. STUPID FUCKING PERFECT ADORABLE BOYFRIENDS I'M SO DONE WITH THIS SHIT BYE.
to all the harry girls who are also larry shippers: we want to be with harry but we want harry to be with louis more we are all fucked up but we are fucked up together
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Just had a brilliant idea! I’ve seen others do it so I’m going to too! If you ship Larry, reblog this. I’m gonna make a list of all of your urls up until the day Larry comes out, so the boys can see who REALLY were there for them. If you follow me too, that’d be great! (you d...
some people wouldn’t believe in larry even if they wore the t shirt proving it oh wait  or even if they confirmed it oh wait  “Are you and Louis dating?” (x) or even if they did gay thingsoh wait Harry Styles wearing bear pride ring. Louis Tomlinson wearing a t-shirt of...
  • Larry Shippers:Larry is real! Fuck you, Elounor shippers!
  • Elounor Shippers:Elounor is real! Fuck you, Larry shippers!
  • Me:*Quietly reblogs a bit of both ships, therefore declaring peace.*
  • I stayed Through Elounor
  • I stayed Through Haylor
  • I stayed Through Mr X / Larry Storm
  • I stayed Through the rumours
  • I stayed Through Louis's twitter Rampage
  • I stayed Through managements bullshit
  • So I am so fucking staying until Larry comes out
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction larry larrystylinson LARRY IS REAL Larry Feels larry shippers
Me watching an entire fandom losing it.
There are 2 kinds of Larry shippers
Those that are like “aww Louis is a supportive boyfriend” And those that are like “damn, I think Harry might top”
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