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  • Niall:"Cant wait t go home"
  • Niall:*goes to Spain*
  • Louis:"I fackkinggg miss London!!!"
  • Louis:*goes to Paris with Eleanor*
  • Liam:bought a dog with Danielle and spent time with family like the perfect peach he is
  • Zayn:mysteriously disappeared but came back to say happy birthday to Perrie, then vanished again on his roller coaster that is life
  • Harry:went house hunting and choked on blueberries
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latest updates on Peshawar situation
SOURCEĀ  7:00PM - UTC +5:00 - Dec 16, 2014 attack is over; all six gunmen dead death toll at 131 (mostly schoolchildren) according to Reddit’s live thread there is now enough blood at the hospital DG Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj-Gen Asim Bajwa on Twitter: “In Psr;This ghastl...
Sometimes I get ‘readers-block’, like I can’t read anything to save my life, I’ll start 10 books and stop each after seven pages because all I’ll want is to already have read that book and not actually read it and I won’t be able to focus at all and it pains me so...
1k * Teen Wolf isaac lahey daniel sharman too lazy to download the latest episode
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