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this man fell for nine seconds
???? that will scare the hell out of me
We accept the love we think we deserve.
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At the dinner table, my sister asked all of us what color we thought her boyfriend’s shirt looked like. After we all said gray, she turned to him and said “now tell them what color you think it is” and he just quietly replied “dark white”
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This Aladdin be killing it with the Yeezys ???? (source)
dandydoll said: A super villain without a super villain laug...
2014 was one of those years that started out like “THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!” and its halfway through and we have a war going on, a deadly disease has been spread, countless shootings have happened, racism is alive, more people have been leaving living things inside of hot cars, and robin william...
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when someone says, “Oh, shut up, you know you love me!”:
  • dog person:we have a purebred border collie with a bernese twist
  • cat person:this is rita we love her she's orange
i honestly could not tell you why this made me laugh so hard
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