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art Fanart Aang Sokka Avatar katara zuko toph mai azula ty lee i know people are fond of brooding emo zuzu fervidly clutching mcr cds but i actually think awkward prep school zuko is much more fun my favourite thing about sokka's hairstyle is that the undercut is a cool haircut these days so ahead of the curve sokka babe if u didn't ship mai/ty lee i'm side-eyeing u a lot those two were made to be a terrifying power couple dynamic
* Ki Hong Lee i havent seen your movie but youre cute
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1k my gifs spoilers disney about me 5k but yeah 10k important okay frozen long post Disneyedit queen elsa jennifer lee frozen spoilers elsa of arendelle frozenedit mine: frozen one: this is so important because Elsa's story is essentially one of hope it's also huge because two: ladies and gentlemen introducing our first Disney princess with an acknowledged mental disorder (by the creators obviously; not within canon given the time period) eta: this is hugely personal since I took the parts that resonated with me I know I missed some because of space reasons
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im in the “i want a black widow movie not a sixth spiderman film” squad
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Avengers Age Of Ultron
The end credit of the Avengers age of Ultron should be in the apartment where Thor’s hammer is laying on the glass table and the janitor (played by Stan lee in one of his cameos of coarse) walks in and lifts the hammer while whistling, whipped under it, and sets it back down.
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