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Aang atla Korra appa lok
Avatar atla avatar the last airbender legend of korra lok the next avatar
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arrested development tobias funke Korra legend of korra Korrasami arrested avatar
Democratic.Republican.Libertarian.Independent.Long ago, the parties lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the republicans attacked.Only the president, master of all the parties, could stop them. But when the country needed him most, his term ended.Four years passed and Obama and I...
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Lost Woods
Racism john legend ferguson ok post
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fav nç legend senate he's so funny Jeff Jackson and kinda cute tbh
Fanart Avatar not mine airbending not my art tlok bloodbending Korra fanart Avatar fanart Metalbending Four Elements Ctreuse109 Lightningbending Spiritbending
This is how I was in my senior year
RIP legend Robin Williams one hour photo
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