• leggo thats good dad i like food too father-daughter bonding over food you cook all the foods and ill pour sugar on everything eveerrryyyttthhhiiiinnnggg •
gifs brasil FC Barcelona brazil nt barca Neymar neymar jr rafaella beckran their family is perfect n neymar is the cutest i didn't know that their father name is neymar too? n yes it's old
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Original Drama??&???
HARUKA: Are you ready, Makoto? MAKOTO: Yeah. I’m ready for anything, Haru...
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giveaway homestuck Persona 4 wheezes makign things look shitty is actually rly hard GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.............
* Meryl Streep it looks like shit. some of the videos are not hd. =(
dragon ball Z dragon ball LOOK AT THEM vegeta Son Goku goten son goten Trunks Brief IN VEGETA'S TINY TINY CAR THEY LOOK SO CHEEKY trunks is probably like '...god fucking damnit dad' 'and RIGHT OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL TOO' goten doesnt know whats going on but he wants his own pair of shades too thats for sure goku just came along because he heard there was going to be food
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When someone sees all the food on your plate and asks "Are you really gonna eat all of that?"
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