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Plot twist: the end of season 10 is Sam getting dragged to hell because he sold his soul for wifi in season 1
i hate it when kids come up to your pet and theyre all like “OH HE LIKES ME” like the fuck do you know about my dogs life
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okay butwait what’s thisPHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 
if gd had a tumblr he’d be tagging his pics like
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  • Monday:Doctor Who in 5 days
  • Tuesday:Doctor Who in 4 days
  • Wednesday:Doctor Who in 3 days
  • Thursday:Doctor Who in two days
  • Friday:Doctor Who tomorrow
  • Sunday:Doctor Who in 6 days
What do you mean I have high expectations of men? I only demand that my mate be a charismatic God-touched prophet with a mind mapped out in scientific theorem and quantum physics, a soul crafted from the electric ether of poets and revolutionaries, fabulous hair, and the sexual appetites of a black-...
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How we imagine most English people speak. How most English people actually speak.
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