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  • bad looking, good cooking:cancer, sagittarius, aquarius
  • good looking, bad cooking:gemini, leo, libra
  • bad looking, bad cooking:aries, scorpio, capricorn
  • good looking, good cooking:taurus, virgo, pisces
  • seems like satan, isn't satan:taurus, gemini, leo, virgo, aquarius, pisces
  • seems like satan, is satan:aries, cancer, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn
  • your sun:leo
  • your moon:aquarius
  • your dominant:aquarius
  • favourite sign:sagittarius/libra
  • otp:libra/leo
  • notp:gemini/cancer
  • least favourite sign:virgo
  • your crushes sun:libra
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probably your worst flaw
Aries: selfishTaurus: stubbornGemini: flakyCancer: whiny Leo: egotistical Virgo: judgmental Libra: lazyScorpio: manipulativeSagittarius: foolishCapricorn: opportunistic Aquarius: neuroticPisces: lost
Bath Bombs for the signs
Aries: granny takes a dip Taurus: rose queen Gemini: avobath Cancer: big blue Leo:  dragons egg Virgo:  blackberry Libra: space girl Scorpio: twilight Sagittarius: golden wonder Capricorn: phoenix rising Aquarius: fizzbanger Pisces: sakura
Aries: typhoons Taurus: dry and hotGemini: sleet Cancer: snowLeo: sunnyVirgo: windyLibra: cloudy Scorpio: hailSagittarius: wildfire Capricorn: thunderstormAquarius: mistPisces: rainy
tru 90s kids will remember
Aries: rock paper scissors Taurus: ring popsGemini: walkie talkiesCancer: rugratsLeo: power rangersVirgo: nintendo 64Libra: the magic school busScorpio: tamagotchiSagittarius: the original walkmanCapricorn: goosebumps seriesAquarius: are you afraid of the dark?Pisces: beanie babies and carebears
  • hot:aries, gemini, scorpio, sagittarius, aquarius
  • cute:cancer, capricorn, pisces
  • both:taurus, leo, virgo, libra
  • tries to run in heels:aries, taurus, cancer, leo, libra, scorpio, pisces
  • takes them off to run:gemini, virgo, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius
Zodiac Positive Stereotypes
Aries: They are self assertive, they will stand up to assholes, they live their life on their own terms. Taurus: They have a calming presence, they are loyal to those they care about, they have elegant taste. Gemini: They are funny, they are intelligent, they know how to bring upbeat energy into the...
Protect the Aries who don’t know how to express their emotions verbally so they become physical.Protect the Taurus who struggle with their body image and are constantly triggered by the lazy and eating stereotype.Protect the Geminis who are shunned for being flexible and accused of being fake.Protec...
  • Virgo/Capricorn:The Power Couple
  • Libra/Leo:The Show Stoppers
  • Scorpio/Virgo:The Demanding Duo
  • Cancer/Taurus:The Nurturing Partners
  • Aquarius/Gemini:The Intellectual Discoverers
  • Virgo/Libra:The Sensual Lovers
  • Pisces/Scorpio:The Soul Mates
  • Sagittarius/Aries:The Ride or Dies
  • ...
Zodiac Negative Stereotypes
The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius): They are always trying to piss people off, they have the worst tempers, they think they are better than everyone else, they need to be the center of attention, The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn): You guys are boring, you judge everyone around...
Zodiac at Their Worst
Aries - Bossy ass bitches Taurus - Boring couch potato Gemini - Lying gossip Cancer - Whiny troublemaker Leo - Self obsessed asshole Virgo - Hypocritical bitch Libra - Two faced manipulator Scorpio - Raging psychopath Sagittarius - Self-righteous asshole Capricorn - Social climbing backstabber Aquar...
  • test scores:taurus, gemini, leo
  • emotions:cancer, virgo, scorpio, capricorn, aquarius
  • amount of followers:aries, libra, sagittarius
  • doesn't lie much:pisces
  • their existence:ophiuchus
Zodiac Key Phrases
Aries - “I am” Taurus - “I have” Gemini - “I think” Cancer - “I feel” Leo - “I will” Virgo - “I analyze” Libra - “I balance” Scorpio - “I want” Sagittarius - “I aim” Capricorn - “I use” Aquarius - “I know” Pisces - “I believe”
  • Says they'll get shit done then naps for four hours:Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio
  • Actually gets shit done:Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo
  • Has no intention of getting shit done:Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
  • Aries:"When I get scolded or told to 'calm down' I get really hurt inside although I try not show it."
  • Taurus:"I don't get angry easily. I can manage to postpone an outburst for months. But accuse me of something I didn't do and I'm instantly livid."
  • Gemini:"I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots 99% of the time."
  • Cancer:"Im so afraid of expressing all these emotions! It's overwhelming."
  • Leo:"I'm very self conscious and in constant need of reassurance."
  • Virgo:"I can express myself better in writing then I can verbally."
  • Libra:"I never stop thinking about my physical appearance, whether it's positive or negative."
  • Scorpio:"I sometimes scare myself about how calm and casual I am about death."
  • ...